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When it comes to changing habits, mental fitness expert and speaker Neil O’Brien is our go-to man for helping people go from awareness to action

Neil breaks down the process of getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’, wherever ‘there’ is.  And he does it with humour and the kind of insight that comes from years of experience helping people progress in their lives, personally and professionally.

As February hoves into view, here’s some useful tips and advice from Neil on making your own progress in the months ahead.


Neil O_Brien

Mental fitness expert and Champion of Human Potential, Neil O’Brien


I think in 2023 we should rethink wellness and wellbeing. We all thought last year was going to be our comeback year, but my sense is that everyone still seems to be tired and worn out. With this in mind I’d like to offer two ongoing themes and three instant tips for the year ahead.

The first theme is in times of great change and uncertainty is to stabilise or find moments of stability. Take time to stop, feel the ground beneath your feet, treat yourself to an extra breath, lower your shoulders, if you’re sitting straighten up, and now ……you may go again.
The second theme is to think of yourself as an old valuable work of art that needs a little restoring. A touch-up here and there, scrap away some other bits, and add some colour.
This is a time to ‘restore factory settings’, and as a client said recently; “I’d love to just get back to zero again for a little while”.
Essentially, these two themes are about cutting ourselves some slack.
Tip # 1Don’t do habits, Do one thing.
Each day just do the next ‘right thing’, whatever that happens to be.
Tip # 2 Don’t isolate, Do connect.
The number one best wellbeing strategy of all is to spend more time in the company of good people.
Tip # 3Plan to live to be 100.
In a recent Channel 4 documentary they looked at how to live to be at least 100. They
had three key findings – have a better diet, be part of a nourishing community, create a sense of purpose for yourself.
Finally, I hope in 2023 you have lots of fun!
You can read a Case Study of how VHI used Neil here.

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