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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

By December 19, 2017No Comments

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are trending. According to analysis from PWC  AI will boost Ireland’s GDP by 2030 by 11.6% or €48 billion.

It is expected that 3.7% of that growth will emerge from Augmented Intelligence, which is where humans and machines work together to find solutions to problems. Machines, through a process of learning by experience modelled on our own early learning system, will suggest solutions to problems that humans may not have thought of yet.

AI advancements will lead to significantly increased productivity and automation in the workplace. This means employees will be less stressed, more productive, and happier.

Here at Personally Speaking Bureau we understand the importance of choosing the right MC, presenter or expert speaker for your tech event, as they play a vital role in communicating the key benefits of investing in AI. That’s why we have a variety of tech experts for you to choose from to fill that important role.

If your event revolves around the latest technology trends, then David Rowan is the presenter for you. David Rowan is WIRED’s  UK Editor-at-large, and a tech company advisor. David travels around the world speaking to companies about how they can innovate to keep up to speed with, or to profit from tech-led disruption. David is a storyteller, and speaks enthusiastically and engagingly about Big Data, technology trends (such AI), 3D printing, and mobile opportunities.

If your event focuses on the likely impacts of AI on people and societies, then Calum Chace is a perfect choice. Following a successful 30-year career in business, Calum became a writer and speaker, specialising in the likely effects of AI. He believes that organisations should be thinking about how they deploy AI in their business, and has an innate talent for communicating the importance of investing in AI early on.

Ben Hammersley is a well known author, futurist and technologist, and specialises in explaining complex technological and sociological topics to non technical audiences. Ben is the author of ‘64 Things You Need to Know Now For Then: How to Face the Digital Future Without Fear’, which explains the 64 things that are driving our world forward, from business to politics, and even culture. Ben inspires and motivates audiences, and gives them the confidence to face the digital future and whatever it brings.

If you’re looking for a true leader to present at your event, global expert and best-selling author Terence Mauri is the ideal choice. Terence is an Inc. magazine Columnist, and entrepreneur mentor at London Business School and Oxford University. He specialises in tackling the new age of disruption and tells organisations how they can win in a digital world by utilising AI.

Ade McCormack is a former technologist who studied Physics and Astrophysics and offers a fascinating perspective on how organizations and people can thrive in the post industrial age. His unique perspective makes him the perfect opening keynote speaker. Ade is a near futurist, and teaches audiences about upcoming technological trends, and how to stay economically relevant in the digital age.

If you are planning a conference or event to highlight the importance of investing in AI, contact us to discuss which MC, presenter or speaker would suit your audience, budget, and goals.

Artificial Intelligence

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