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Excited to see Caroline Casey at WEF in Davos this week! And sharing the stage – and a packed schedule – with thought leaders from the worlds of philanthropy, business, news and culture.


(Pictured: Caroline Casey, with some of the many people she shares the stage with in Davos, among them Mike Fries, Shamina Singh, David Gergen, David Rubenstein, Mike McBride, Precious Moloi-Motsepe, Andria Zifarakou, Paul Polman).

About Caroline Casey

Caroline is one of our marquee keynote speakers. She never fails to deliver with her energy, passion, heart and vision. She speaks around the world on issues including leading with purpose, resilience and collaborative leadership. At Davos her focus is on her work with the Valuable campaign. The Valuable campaign seeks to place disability inclusion at the heart of the business agenda. And while at Davos, there will be a big announcement from Valuable, so watch this space!

About Davos

Davos is a high-profile global gathering of political, economic and cultural heavyweights. Perhaps the best thing about Davos is the sheer number and diversity of people and ideas to be experienced. Furthermore, the range and complexity of the topics addressed, from climate change and economic inequality to poverty, health and well-being all make this event memorable.

For Caroline, as for so many others attending and participating, this means rich, fertile ground where different disciplines, fields of research/endeavor and cultures meet to form a potent mix. Davos never fails to yield new ideas and approaches to the problems and challenges facing the world, especially now, when there appears to be so much instability and uncertainty.

And at least for the Valuable campaign, which is gaining momentum around the world, Davos presents many opportunities for discussion, dialogue and collaboration.

The Schedule

The first of these takes place today, Tuesday, at 3pm. At Storytellers: The Road to Resilience (to be streamed live from 3pm on TopLink and the Forum website), Caroline will share the stage with luminaries such as National Geographic photographer and filmmaker Pete McBride and award-winning teacher Andria Zafirakou.

Next up, on Wednesday at 4.30, Caroline leads the discussion in the workshop Disability Inclusion: Making it Work, which explores how to unlock the potential of diversity in the workplace.

But perhaps the highest-profile event is the Thursday 4pm workshop (preceded by a busy press conference), Fostering Inclusive Business. This workshop convenes leaders and experts to build consensus on inclusive business practices in the new economy and society.

We are confident that whatever emerges, it will be interesting and stimulating. We will be watching!

You can follow Caroline on twitter at @carolinebinc and on Instagram at @onthecasebinc. We will also be publishing an in-depth interview with her next week, after Davos. During the interview she shares her thoughts on her busy week there and a whole lot else besides.

Read more about Caroline Casey here.

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