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Engagement: Virtual Digital China Safari

Speaker: Industry Experts

Digital safaris allow business leaders in the financial services industry to gain a deep understanding of the latest advances in digital technologies that will impact their business. Attendees are introduced to cutting-edge digital applications, digital best practices, and disruptive thinking, as told by the business practitioners who are driving these changes.

Our client needed an innovative safari that would blend contributions from industry experts on the ground in China, site visits with company speakers and keynote speakers.

After spending time to understand the brief, we bought in our Learning Safari Partner to work with us in delivering a full-solution China Digital Safari. Discussions had started pre-Covid but once the pandemic hit we worked to pivot quickly to a virtual model. There were challenges along the way with time zones and the move to an online offering that would be as rich in content as a live experience, but effective solutions were identified and implemented quickly. With our safari partner’s collaboration we were able to turn the event around quickly, and in November 2020 we delivered a 3-day fully virtual event.

The safari had 100% engagement and the audience enjoyed three intense days of learning about innovation and business that would help them in their organisations and to build trade with China.

“Frances at Personally Speaking understood from the beginning what we needed to achieve and built a team to help us succeed. We were mid planning the tour when COVID 19 hit. Personally Speaking showed their ability to adapt quickly and played an important role in successfully rolling the Safari out in November 2020, which is especially impressive given that all of the content was delivered online. We valued the expertise Frances offered and have worked with her and the team since on other events and are looking forward to doing more in the future”.

*client’s name withheld for confidentiality reasons


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