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Annual HR Summit

Engagement: Headline Speaker on the theme of ‘The Rise of Humanity at Work’

Speaker: Sir Bob Geldof, Humanitarian

Established by Sigmar Recruitment, The Talent Summit is a prestigious forum for national and international experts to speak about talent—attraction, development, leadership, performance and transformation strategies.

For its 2020 flagship conference, Sigmar wanted a keynote speaker with a global profile who could speak with complete authority on the theme of ‘The Rise of Humanity at Work’. They wanted someone who could stimulate people to sit up and listen, but also move and inspire them to think differently about the world of work within the context of society at large.

After a lot of brainstorming and filtering we felt Sir Bob Geldof was ideal, an outspoken and strikingly eloquent humanitarian with a global perspective. We understood that Sir Bob’s fame alone was not enough; his credibility was key. After a call with him and Sigmar, it was agreed he would do a lunch with C-suite executives, and a keynote and Q&A for the general audience.

Sir Bob’s keynote received a standing ovation, and was followed by an insightful and reflective Q&A session with Sigmar director Robert Mac Giolla Phádraig.

“Wow, that’s how we would describe Bob’s contribution. From the moment he started speaking, the stillness in the auditorium was palpable. Every word seemed to hit home, and our audience was rapt. So it was no surprise when they all leapt to their feet at the end. The Q&A really resonated too. Our consultation with Personally Speaking helps shape the themes of the conference, which in turn helped in attracting sponsors and delegates. Although in many ways Bob was an unusual choice, there’s no doubt he was absolutely the right one. Their recommendation of him was spot-on, and our trust in them made it an easy decision in the end”.

– Robert Mac Giolla Phádraig, founder and CEO, Sigmar Recruitment


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