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Boy, do we need some fun after the last 18 months.  

As well as family and friends, this applies to the teams we work with, our bosses and fellow workers.  Most of us are dying to do something fun, so we can be cheered up and entertained and get to de-stress and laugh with each other again.  It’s been a while! 

Shared experiences = goodwill

One of the best ways to do this is through a shared experience. Fun events like comedy nights help you to find common ground and see other people’s human side.  And teams that feel more connected will be less stressed at work, happier and more productive. They also tend to be more forgiving and tolerant of each other, which helps when uncertainty is floating around and the normal way of doing things is disrupted, causing even the best of us to feel a little off kilter. 

The more we get to see the positive aspects of others’ personalities, the more empathy we tend to feel for them.  And as many of us return to a physical office for the first time in well over a year, we need all the empathy we can get.  Working from home, in the febrile and often polarising atmosphere of the pandemic, has left many people struggling in one way or another.  It may have negatively affected their mental health, their ability to communicate clearly or their confidence.  The lack of social interaction, and social connection, has left some feeling a bit apart or adrift from others, and that naturally includes colleagues.  So as we return to the workplace, as Brent Pope says in this video for Men’s Mental Health Week, we need to be gentle and patient with ourselves and others.  And to remember not just to talk, but to listen, too. 

Having a laugh together helps build a sense of connection


Let it Flow

After this long period of uncertainty and disruption, a fun ‘kick-start’ event can be particularly valuable.  There are lots of options for teams to enjoy together and get good energy flowing, from bespoke comedy productions to mind-bending displays of ‘brain hacking’.  Fancy one rugby pundit’s personal guide to the upcoming Lions Tour of South Africa (yes, it’s BOD)?  Or after months of loungewear and questionable home hairstyling, what about a stylist who can share tips on how to dress for zoom meetings and/or find your personal style, so you can really make your presence felt online and off?  All of these events can be done live, online or in a hybrid form that combines the best of both.  

We offer full, high-end production for any of these options so you and your team just need to log in and enjoy your event. 

And get that feel-good factor flowing again.  

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Keith Barry

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Tara Flynn

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