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Two words.  And yet for hard-pressed employees, especially after the utter craziness of the last 18 months, they can mean everything.  So, how do you say thank you in a meaningful way when work and your team are in flux, with half in-house and half working from home? 

Christmas or year’s end is traditionally a time when team leaders, CEOs and senior executives choose to express their gratitude for others’ efforts during the year.  But with Covid numbers rising, some organisations are choosing to forego the traditional in-person Christmas get-together and are actively looking instead at virtual or hybrid solutions.

The priority?

Events with a feel-good factor that build team spirit and make us feel more connected to each other at a time of profound distraction and disconnection.

A picture of a circle of parachutists linking arms and falling through clouds

The value of a shared experience

Now, no-one is going to turn down a bonus, voucher or other timely end-of-year reward, but there is much to be said for a shared experience that brings people together, even if it’s not physically together. The pandemic has turned everything on its head, not least because of its divisive nature, so demand is rising for events where people can share a positive, uplifting experience.

Highly stylised shot of Keith performing in front of a theatre audience, his back to the camera and arms outstretched

Keith performing in front of a live theatre audience

It might be an event designed to thrill, like one of Keith Barry‘s famously entertaining ‘mind-hacking’ shows (mind hacking, essentially, is a form of modern-day ‘brain training’ that can help us change habits and develop a more positive mindset). Keith has been in the news lately for his work helping Irish rugby player Keith Earls overcome his past mental health difficulties, but he’s also continually developing his shows so people get maximum entertainment and value from them, as he told Pat Kenny on his Newstalk show just recently.

Comedian and MC Mario Rosenstock

Or what if a really good belly laugh is need?  Then consider a comedy sketch from Mario Rosenstock or Oliver Callan.  They are sure to get you chuckling and set all those feel-good hormones flowing freely around the body like wine at a Christmas party.

Motivational speakers connect audiences

This year, perhaps not surprisingly, our motivational speakers are proving their enduring power not just to entertain, but to move, inspire and get people talking and connecting with each other.  If you’ve ever heard a really good motivational speaker, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Almost inevitably, these are individuals with powerful personal stories that resonate deeply with audiences – speakers with empathy, humour, insight and, more often than not, a deep desire to help others, too, to face challenges head on.  Our stable of motivational speakers includes Caroline Casey, Trisha Lewis, Mac Macartney, Nigel Owens, Debra Searle, Niamh Shaw and many others besides.


Just some of our motivational speakers: Clockwise from top left: Debra Searle, Niamh Shaw, Nigel Owens, Trisha Lewis, Mac Macartney and Caroline Casey.

Hybrid or Virtual solutions are the answer:  what do they look like?

Hybrid solutions combine live in-person events with live or pre-recorded virtual elements that allow for much larger audiences to participate remotely.
Virtual solutions are entirely online and, like hybrid options, can combine live and pre-recorded elements.
Benefits of Online Elements:
  • Perhaps most importantly, just like live events, online or hybrid events are entirely bespoke, curated by us to meet the specific needs of the event and audience.
  • Big-ticket keynote speakers generally charge less for virtual events because they do not have to travel
  • Features such as slide-sharing, polling, Q&As and online chat can be incorporated into all options to allow real-time conversations and feedback from the audience.  This is especially useful if you have more introverted people on your team as research shows they are more likely to contribute than they would if in a room with others.
  • Individuals can participate from anywhere with internet access; you just need to make sure they have good access where they are based.
  • Events can be recorded and made available later on in a format of your choosing, allowing people to revisit the content at a time that suits and thus prolong and/or deepen its impact.
  • Online events reduce overall carbon footprint, as travelling is no longer required.

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