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We would like to introduce one of our most exciting and dynamic keynote and motivational speakers, Caroline Casey. Caroline’s own story makes her an inspiration, and this week she hopes to inspire much more when she brings her call for inclusive business to the world stage.

One Young World
Caroline, a motivational speaker from Dublin, Ireland, is the founder of the business inclusion company Binc., which focuses on people with disabilities and aims to catalyze a global movement for inclusive business. And on October 6th, Caroline will be at the One Young World Summit in Bogota, Colombia, to urge business leaders around the world (and the young leaders they nurture and mentor) to take the lead on making the powerful world of industry and business a model of inclusion.

A Life Without Limits – For Everyone
Caroline believes that people with disabilities should not be afraid to live a life without limits or labels to reach their true potential, especially in business, as both consumers and employees.

Caroline was diagnosed as being legally blind at the age of 17. After discovering this, she swore to herself that no-one would ever find out that she was visually impaired as she didn’t want to appear weak. For the next 11 years, she would live her life without anyone knowing that she was legally blind.

A Turning Point
Then, at the age of 28, something happened. While at work, Caroline’s eyes unexpectedly took a turn for the worse, causing her (temporarily) to lose the ability to see all together. After a discussion with her boss, she decided that it was time for a change: she was going to be true to herself, including the fact that she had a disability, and she wasn’t going to let anything stop her.

But she also wanted to show other people that they could do the same, so Caroline decided to trek 1,000km across India by elephant to prove that she could still do anything she set her mind to. This trip raised enough money for 6,000 cataract operations, which allowed 6,000 people to see.

Raise Awareness of Inclusive Business
The India trip ignited Caroline’s passion and ambition to lead a life without limitations and to raise awareness of the importance of including people with disabilities in business. Caroline wants to inspire the business world to be inclusive, not just in terms of people with disabilities but around difference more generally. She does this through public speaking, calling on all of us to be more inclusive whenever and however we can, and to accept that being different, in any way, is the norm and should be celebrated.

We’re all #Valuable
On the 4th of September 2017, Caroline embarked on another 1,000km trip, this time from Colombia to Bogota on horseback, where she will arrive at the opening ceremony of the One Young World Summit on the 4th of October. Two days later, on the 6th of October, Caroline will take to the main stage with #Valuable (Binc.) to make a call to action to corporate leaders all around the world, urging them to recognize that everyone is #valuable and to put in place strategies and tools to help put inclusiveness at the heart of a business.

Caroline’s trip is being documented by where you can keep up with her as she makes this daring journey! You can also follow her on Instagram as @caseybinc.

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