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Making Sense of FinTech

By February 27, 2018No Comments

FinTech touches not just the financial services sector, but every single business the financial services industry deals with. Your business is surely one of them?

FinTech stands for Financial Technologies, in other words technologies used and applied in the financial services sector, mainly used by financial institutions themselves on the back end of their businesses.  

However, FinTech is increasingly being used to describe technologies that are disrupting traditional financial services, including mobile payments, crowd-funding, money transfers, loans, fundraising, and asset management. Here at Personally Speaking Bureau we have a range of expert speakers who talk passionately, engagingly and most importantly with great clarity about FinTech. They appeal to both expert audiences as well as to the less expert amongst us, making them ideal for any FinTech focused event.

Here are two FinTech hot topics everyone is talking about:


This revolutionary technology cuts out the need for third parties to facilitate transactions. It is a new way to store and record transactions, similar to that of a traditional database, although in a blockchain each block is computer coded with some sort of information  e.g. a contract or statement of authenticity, and is securely connected or ‘chained’ by digital signature to ensure they are tamper proof. Blockchain can be applied to any multi-step transaction where traceability and visibility are required. Blockchain is changing the way business is done.


This is a form of artificial intelligence. Basically, it is a piece of software you chat with. Think of it as a replacement for all the apps you have downloaded. Imagine that instead of opening up your bank account to see if you can afford to buy something, you could ask your personal financial assistant (i.e. a ChatBot) and it will tell you what you can afford to spend based on your income, pattern of spending and your saving goals. This is just one of the ways in which ChatBots are shaping the way financial institutions operate.

Here at Personally Speaking Bureau, we have a range of expert speakers who are available to speak at your next Fintech focused event.

Featured speakers include:
David McWilliams
Calum Chase
John Fingleton
Professor Noreena Hertz
Dr. Dambisa Moyo
Dan O’Brien
Dan Cobley
Constantin Gurdgiev
Mark Blyth

Making Sense of FinTech

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