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Motivate your Team with these Super Powers

By May 25, 2018No Comments

Take a Spoonful of Lifestyle Medicine
Dr. Mark Rowe is a thought leader in the emergent area of health, happiness and high performance in life. Rather than approaching every illness as something to be cured with a prescription and pills, Dr Rowe advocates for lifestyle medicine. Change your habits to remove the root cause of the symptoms. Less stress and pressure in the workplace could have drastic positive effects on health. His goals are burnout prevention and lasting wellbeing, hoping for culture change in business and medical settings alike, in people’s mindsets as well as their organisations.


Be a Dangerous Dreamer and Fail Fabulously
If disability activist Caroline Casey had a super-power, it would be self-belief. A social entrepreneur leading a life without limits and labels, who describes herself as a “dangerous dreamer” who is “failing fabulously”, Casey manages to be both truly inspirational and relatable. In August 2017 she launched #valuable and started to engage in conversation with over 500,000 businesses to transform their approach to business inclusion to advocate for inclusive business practices. An in-demand speaker, her TED talk has more than 2 million views, and she has the ability to get people acting on their bold ideas.


Spinning Plates? You should try Juggling!
Dusty Gedge is a professional juggler and circus performer. His speciality is “organised chaos” in order to create accelerated learning opportunities. With his inclusive, hands-on approach, Gedge shows how easily behaviours and habits can be changed through coaching. Not just any coaching, Gedge uses juggling as a coaching method. He reckons fear of failure is the biggest block to experimentation and progress. No one wants to drop a ball, yet it’s a necessary requirement when learning to juggle. Educating high achievers to take a risk and accept that they may fail, can be a challenge in itself. It’s often learning through failure that enables us to progress to the next level.

Spinning plates

What’s the Difference between an Astronaut, an Athlete, and You?
Having worked as a performance coach with top athletes, Jamil Qureshi knows all about motivation and ambition. As well as coaching 6 individual athletes to number 1, Qureshi has worked with Premier League Football teams, an Ashes-winning Cricket team, and a Formula One racing team. He is also one of only a handful of external psychologists ever to be allowed to study astronauts on the NASA Space Programme. His expertise with high performing teams combined with his skills as a speaker and stand-up comedian make Qureshi an excellent choice for team motivation days.

look in my eyes

Look in my Eyes, Look in my Eyes, Look in my Eyes.
Jason O’Callaghan, also known as Ireland’s only motivational psychologist, specialises in retraining the unconscious mind for success in life and work through hypnotism. The results are astounding, and often amusing to witness! O’Callaghan knows how to work a room, and how to make an impression. Participants might find themselves looking for lost shoes, or unable to drink a glass of water, or quitting smoking while they sleep. He also uses these skills to foster team building and increase motivation.


Become an Adventurer in Spontaneity & Creativity
Steve Chapman is not your average speaker. He invites the audience to come on an adventure into spontaneity, creativity and innovation with him, asking what it means to be part of an organisation, or part of a team. Chapman approaches any exploration with a deep and abiding sense of curiosity and playfulness, while still retaining a thoroughness that speaks to his academic and business credentials. No team can go through this kind of experience without coming out the other side different, and closer for it.

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