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With January just around the corner, this is a critical time for businesses all around the world. Motivational Speakers at January Conferences set the tone for the upcoming year and selecting the right speaker should be a key priority.

Choosing the right Motivational Speakers for your event can be difficult. Although it can be an onerous task, there is nothing quite like knowing you have the right keynote speaker who you can trust to inject life, positive energy, and passion into your event.

With that being said, here at Personally Speaking Bureau, we have a diverse range of Motivational Speakers for you to choose from, people who can raise the profile of your event, whilst exciting your talent about the year ahead and convey your key messages.

If you are looking to motivate your staff and kick-start the year with a positive Mindset and can do attitude, Caroline Casey is the perfect speaker for you. Legally blind, Caroline is an award-winning social entrepreneur and a keen adventurer. She has just returned from trekking 1000 km across Columbia on horseback while igniting her business inclusion and diversity movement #valuable, completing the journey on the mainstage of One Young World in Bogota. Amongst her achievements, she is a TED Speaker, Ashoka Fellow and Young Global Leader. Caroline has a reputation around the world for connecting with her audience, she speaks from the heart and is passionate about making a difference.

If your event focuses on team building and bringing people together, look no further than Irish sporting legends Brian O’Driscoll and Jamie Heaslip. Brian is the most-capped player in Rugby Union history. Jamie’s commitment, focus and drive not only guarantees he delivers the best of himself but also gives him the ability to get the best out of the people around him. Their experiences enable them to insert themselves into teams, strengthen and unify them.

Nigel Barlow and Terence Mauri will focus on inspiring your audience, encouraging them to look to the future. Nigel has been described as one of the world’s most dynamic speakers, inspiring individuals as they face pressing business challenges. Terence helps individuals stay one step ahead by finding smart ways to challenge the age of disruption.

Dusty Gedge has the ability to inform, amuse and challenge his audiences. Encouraging them to break out of their comfort zone and focus on the future of their environment. His style is highly active and great fun.

If you are planning an event, why not contact us to discuss which speaker may suit your audience, budget, and goals.

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