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Podcasts I have enjoyed with business advice, motivational speakers, chefs and great conversation.

By December 21, 2018No Comments

I may be addicted to listening to Podcasts if such an addiction is possible. I have always loved talk radio but then along came Podcasts and I was hooked.  Podcasts are useful for me for work research, self development, business development, escapism, pursuing hobbies or just because…

With Christmas on our doorstep and time to chill out, walk or indeed escape, I thought it might be useful to share some of the Podcasts I have enjoyed this year.

The Adam Buxton Podcast is great with lots of humour, great conversations and interesting interviewees. If you log in there are plenty to choose from but one of my favourite interviews was Adam Buxton interviews Jon Ronson.  I am lucky enough to work with Jon a little as a keynote speaker and have always found is insights and research fascinating.

Recently I started listening to Karl Henry’s Real Health Podcast which offers some great simple tips to better health.  A great one to tune into for the new year.

I particularly liked his Improve your Mental Wellness with Neil O’Brien and Dermot Bannon. Neil O’Brien is one of the most in demand motivational speakers at the moment.

I love tuning into Alec Baldwin’s Here’s The Thing where Alec skillfully brings listeners into the lives of artists, policy makers and performers.

As cooking is one of my main hobbies and is where I go to to de-stress or chillax I do like to listen to the BBC The Food Programme  and Ottolenghi’s Simple Pleasures.

A friend recommended I tune into Blindboy this year and I am glad I did. Again that perfect combination of humour and intelligent conversation makes for great listening Blindboy Interviews David McWilliams.

For business development I get a lot from Sarah Green Carmichael interviews on Harvard Business Reviews HBR Ideacast. Sarah Carmichael interviews business people, world leaders, motivational speakers, economists and many more who offer interesting insights and advice for anyone in business.

When I am running or walking, I love a good thriller and it is good for my exercise routine too! Here are a few I got into this year.

1. The Los Angeles Times – Dirty John

2. The Australians – Teachers Pet

3. And on audible – West Cork

If you want to change habits, be happier, improve relationships, get on better at work I recommend tuning into Gretchin Rubin’s Happier Podcast.

Finally TED continue to bring their audience thought provoking and inspiring content. There are thousands of motivational speakers to choose from on TED.COM but one that I particularly like is Margaret Heffernan’s TED Talk – Forget the Pecking Order in Work.

There are many more but I hope there might be something for everyone here. I would love to hear of any Podcasts you have enjoyed this year, please do let me know.

Happy Christmas!

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