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The pandemic has been hugely challenging for everyone. We hope you and yours (your family, friends and colleagues) are bearing up, and are hopeful about the future, even if we’re not 100% sure yet what it might look like! 

For Personally Speaking, the hugely accelerated digitisation process that was precipitated by Covid-19 catalysed our efforts to deepen and expand our services to better meet our clients’ changing needs and goals. In short, we’ve been busy!

Some of our new speakers (L to R: Marc Wallert, Professor Ian Robertson, Sarah Freeman, Jim Gavin, Stella O’Malley, Barry Fitzgerald)

We’ve added exciting new speakers to our portfolio. We have also partnered with some media and broadcasting houses so we can offer our clients full virtual and hybrid solutions and top-end production quality. In addition we are delighted to have a fresh brand and a new and better website.  And we’re happy to say that the changes we’ve made over the last 15 months have been enthusiastically embraced by clients for whom making a positive impact is more important than ever.  

These changes include: 

A Comprehensive Hybrid Approach

We’ve always been able to combine live elements with virtual, but the virtual element usually played second fiddle. Covid changed that forever. Virtual has delivered unexpected benefits like deeper engagement by certain cohorts (e.g. introverts), and improved availability for some speakers (because they don’t have to travel). As we emerge from Covid, its dominance might wane, but we’re certain that virtual formats are here to stay, even if mostly in combination with live events.  

Speaker Series

Sometimes, a single talk or event is not enough. You need two or more to deepen learning and get conversations going.  For our Speaker Series, we work with clients from concept to delivery, saving you time and bringing our global experience and expertise to each series. We understand the important topics and know the best speakers to connect with your audiences. 


C-suite executives in particular are seeking deeper learnings to apply in their work. Our masterclass options are entirely bespoke and range from one-off sessions to full programmes that can be delivered over weeks or months.   

Broadcast-quality virtual events

We’ve partnered with a prestigious media company to deliver high-quality live and pre-recorded events that can be designed to include multiple presentations, live Q&A sessions and panel discussions. Where required by our clients, we can also design and co-produce video series, multimedia presentations and full learning programmes on topics like wellness, leadership, mental health etc. 

Frances in studio with Mark Little in 2020 – for her occasional podcast series The B Side

Fresh Voices

Personally Speaking has always sought out and championed new talent, but we’ve now formalised our support by creating a ‘Fresh Voices’ category on our site where clients in search of a new personality, energy or approach can find who they’re looking for.  

Expanded MC services

A great MC makes all the difference to an event, ensuring flow and momentum and helping to keep things on point and on schedule. This is particularly true of virtual or hybrid events, where the challenges of technology and physical separation mean that extra skill, agility and poise are required.  We’ve added several exciting and highly accomplished MCs to our speaker roster.  Search MC in our search box for more.  

And finally…..

As mentioned above, we’ve built a new website.  It’s designed to be easy to use and to showcase everything we have to offer so you can find the information and inspiration you’re looking for with ease.  Check it out.  

If you are interested in knowing more about any of the services please call us on + 353 1 4750 360 or email

We’ll be delighted to help you put together an event with the impact you’re looking for.

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