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In a world that has never felt so fast-paced, so full of change and uncertainty, the challenges we face require new solutions and fresh ideas.

In a post-pandemic world, we’ve seen unprecedented demand for novel ways of thinking about everything from leadership and resilience, to wellbeing, mental healthsustainability, ESGEDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) and much more besides. And we’ve never had so many impressive new speakers join us in such a short period of time.

These are speakers who each offer something different, something fresh. They understand the challenges our clients face and want to help them address them. Working with a client to identify the right speaker and content for them is like putting together a jigsaw; the satisfaction for all when the full picture comes together is immense. It might be a keynote or moderator, a panellist for a 1,000-strong audience or a speaker doing a fireside chat with C-suite executives …….. we have speakers of every variety.

Here is a shortlist of those who’ve joined us in the last year. There are journalists and broadcasters, social entrepreneurs and HR experts, adventurers and rugby coaches and plenty more too.

Black and white headshot of Ronan O'Gara in a dark suit and tie, facing the camera

Rugby Coach and Former Rugby International

Journalist Joe Lynam, a middle aged caucasian man, is seen in a dark suit with a light shirt, facing the camera, in a head and shoulders shot

Broadcaster & Award-Winning Journalist

Sharon Yourell-Lawlor 

black and white head and shoulders shot of Sharon Yourell Lawlor in a v-necked dress, smiling, with her hair tied up. She's posing against a branded backdrop at an event

Retail and shopper expert and strategist

Peter Hacker 

Black and white shot of a speaker in action on stage, in a dark jacket and light shirt

Cyber Security Expert & Entrepreneur

Tammy Darcy 

Black and white Head and shoulders portrait of Tammy Darcy, in three-quarter profile, wearing a suit and smiling

Founder and CEO of The Shona Project, Social Enterprise Champion

Dave Ulrich

Head and shoulders, black and white portrait of Dave Ulrich, a late middle aged caucasian man, smiling at the camera

HR & Leadership Expert

Andrew McNeill 

Cropped black and white head and shoulders shot of a smiling, Caucasian middle-aged man

Leadership Consultant, Mindfulness Teacher & Author of ‘Organisational Mindfulness – a How-to-Guide’

Damian Browne 

Black and white image of a very muscular middle-aged Caucasian man, depicted in an urban street, with his arms crossed and a serious expression on his face

Extreme Adventurer, Former Rugby Player
Peak Performance Athlete

Kevin Empey 

black and white head and shoulders shot of Kevin Empey, a middle-aged caucasian male, in three-quarter profile, facing the camera smiling and with his arms crossed

HR Most Influential Thinkers list, International Expert on the Future of Work & Award-Winning Author

Head and shoulders portrait in black and white of a middle-aged Indian male, wearing a dark jacket and light, open-necked shirt. Posing against a stone wall, he is wearing a serious expression.

Nurse and Coach in Innovation & Leadership with an Inspiring Life Story

a black and white head and shoulders portrait of a smiling , forty-something Caucasian woman in a floral dress

Broadcaster, Health Coach, Wellness Speaker and Social Change Advocate

Nicola Byrne 

Three-quarter length black and white portrait of a middle-aged, forty-something woman leaning against a door post with her arms crossed, smiling at the camera

Serial Entrepreneur, Passionate about Creating Jobs & Innovation for Survival

Linda Allen 

Black and white head and shoulders shot of a white, middle-aged woman smiling up at the camera

Author & Counsellor

Gert Christen 

Black and white shot of a white, early-forties Caucasian male in profile at a mike on stage

Visionary Leader & Creative problem solver, One of 100 Digital Shapers of Switzerland, Named a Future Builder


If you’d like to chat to us about your particular needs around a speaking event you’re planning, Joanne or myself are more than happy to chat through your options around speaker(s), format and content. Call us on 01 475 0360 or email  We’re here to help!


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