Adrian Webster

Performance Coach, Motivator and Author of several books including Tiny Noticeable Things (TNT)

why book adrian?

  • Adrian’s philosophy, centred on Tiny Noticeable Things (TNTs) and the Shape of Integrity, forms the basis for his captivating talks, inspiring individuals and transforming teams with simplicity and effectiveness
  • From a riot copper to a successful IT sales professional, Adrian’s varied career background enriches his storytelling, providing relatable experiences that captivate audiences
  • Out of necessity, Adrian created the concept of Polar Bear Pirates to inspire and retain staff, turning ordinary teams into highly productive forces within the IT industry


Riot copper, milkman and salesman were just a few of Adrian’s jobs before he moved into the I.T industry in 1987 where he quickly established himself as one of the most successful sales professionals in the industry.

After two highly successful years as Corporate Sales Manager of US Robotics, he joined Northamber Plc as Group Sales and Training Manager responsible for recruiting, training, motivating and ‘driving’ 150 staff to achieve phenomenal success on shoestring budgets.

It was during this time, out of pure necessity to inspire and retain staff that the world of Polar Bear Pirates was born and Adrian discovered an ability to turn teams of everyday people with little or no ability into some of the most productive in the I.T industry.

Fuelled by a desire to try to gain a better understanding of what really makes exceptional people tick he set about researching some of the UK’s most successful people. These six years of research along with his real-life experiences, raw energy and sense of humour combine to create a thrilling roller coaster style that is completely original, hilariously funny and brilliantly effective.


Embracing and Driving Change


Everyday People Being Extraordinary – Together Making a Difference


Inspirational Leadership – Engaging with & Getting the Very Best out of People


Delivering Outstanding Customer Service – Putting Customers at the Heart of Everything We Do


Collaborating and Pulling Together as One Big Team


Taking Ownership for Personal Development – Self Leadership


Retaining People in Challenging Times


Creating High Performance Environments


Innovative Thinking – Doing Things Differently


Behavioural Change


Being Effective Communicators


Maintaining an Edge Over the Competition – Winning the Sales Game

Adrian Webster


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“To put it mildly, Adrian went down a storm”.

Home Office


“Our conference had come at a very difficult time for public sector employees, with an uncertain future and the real threat of big cuts ahead. There was a palpable increase in the energy level as soon as Adrian spoke his first word on stage, and from that point on we were treated to a highly personal and motivating roller-coaster of a speech. Adrian not only inspired our staff, but left us feeling proud to work for the council.”

Thanet District Council


“I have had the pleasure of listening to a number of motivational speakers since working for Airbus but I can honestly say that Adrian Webster is by far the best, he managed to get the message across using day to day experiences which we can all relate to. The content of Adrian’s talk was funny yet his delivery had passion and made us all think!”



“Thanks again for your exceptional performance at the Leadership event. It really did make the day a resounding success. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants to organise an uplifting and inspirational event. There is no doubt that the day would have been considerably less successful were it not for the highly skilled inputs delivered by Adrian Webster. His experience in captivating an audience, holding their attention and driving home key points was invaluable. The high energy he generated was key to removing the veil of cynicism and apathy that can so often affect large organisations, particularly the Police. It enhanced contributions from the floor and seemed to open the minds of all supervisors to a range of issues and new leadership skills.”

Chief Inspector Pete Ayling – Kent Police Leadership Conference


“Thank you for energizing my team the way you did this morning. The mix of serious food for thought and humour made a big impact on all of us. The feedback was very positive indeed. Your speech will be remembered as the highlight of our conference. You can quote me on that…”

Jeroen Eijsink – Managing Director – DHL Freight


“Energy, emotion and some very powerful messages that resonated with the audience and most importantly, could be taken back to the workplace.”

Jobcentre Plus


“Feedback comments about Adrian’s presentation included: “Adrian Webster – phenomenal!” “Great choice of speakers, he really lifted everyone” “Absolutely fantastic – How are you going to match it next year?”

Environment Agency


“We have had extremely positive feedback, Adrian was very inspiring. One participant said she walked away a changed person!”



“Adrian recently attended the Amtico International Joint Sales Conference. We didn’t really know what to expect as he was previously unknown to us, yet, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever forget him!! – Adrian definitely exceeded our expectations.”

Amtico International


“Adrian, many people have said that it is the best Sales Event they have been to in many years and this is in large part down to you. “

Virgin Media Group


“Adrian took on board Telstra International’s themes and messages by cleverly weaving them in to his ‘performance’. Adrian is clearly a business-savvy presenter, a great public speaker able to make the audience laugh and provoke deep food for thought.”

Telstra International EMEA


“There’s no doubting Adrian’s ability to motivate individuals and teams. His world of Polar Bear Pirates resonated with every one of the Senior Managers who had the benefit of spending time in Adrian’s presence. He filled the room with passion, emotion and energy and succeeded every time to inspire the leaders of our business to go back and make a difference – and the tangible results of that difference are already being seen. ”



“We started the year in last place. We took on board the Polar Bear Pirates concept, used it daily to motivate ourselves/the team and to ensure that we stayed focused. By June we were up to second and come year-end, we finished number one. It had a huge impact on our performance.”


“Adrian really is one of the best keynote speakers I have ever heard. He manages to captivate every type of audience right from the moment he starts and always leaves them wanting more. Adrian has a unique ability to have his audience rolling around in laughter one minute to suddenly getting them to hang on to his every word where a pin drop could be heard. The messages Adrian shares will stay with you for life as they are fundamental, full of common sense and yet really make the difference when it comes to bringing out the best in others.”



“The brief for a “motivational speaker” was more than fulfilled as Adrian’s energy, humour and superb insight into the real world of sales had everybody mesmerised and entertained from the moment he walked onto the stage. Life hasn’t been quite the same since as we all now aspire to permanently residing in Fat City and living as Polar Bear Pirates!”

Lever Faberge


“Adrian came along to our annual National Telesales Managers Conference last Friday, and I am delighted to report that he went down a storm.”

Yell Group


“I was really blown away by Adrian – what a great guy – like a younger Rick Stein but with a passion for people rather than food!!”

Chair Women In Business Association


“Adrian delivers powerful messages in an engaging, creative and hugely impactful way: always great value for money with amazing long term results well after his appearances: consequently he is invited back time after time”

Kosta Christofi – HSBC


“The best speaker we have had by miles” 

Barry Lewis – Airbus


“Adrian Webster is a real life example of what his book is all about. I first travelled to London to see Adrian speak at an external conference having just read his book. I was blown away by his energy, emotion and delivery of what is a fantastic outlook on how to become successful in today’s complicated social and economic world. Since then, Adrian has delivered three outstanding workshops and each time, my teams have gone on to deliver breakthrough performances. What sets Adrian apart is his energy, pace and passion in bringing to life the genuine accounts of his own road to Fat City. I defy anyone to attend a workshop of Adrian’s and not be emotionally moved and motivated to start their Quest!”

Martin C BOWMER 
UK Head of Sales, Business Banking, Insurance and Investments – HSBC Bank Plc


“Adrian spoke at our company conference in 2005 and 2010 (outstanding). I recently found my 19 year old son John Pattison (just started a marketing job he seems to love) furtively reading Polar Bear Pirates – Next morning I found a note written by him to him before work – “FAT CITY HERE I COME”
Thanks Adrian from two generations of Pattison’s.”

Paula Pattison – Senior Commercial Manager UK & Ireland – Hertel UK Ltd


“Adrian, your performance was outstanding. Congratulations!”

Lukas Gahwiler – Chief Executive Officer – UBS Switzerland (Swiss Economic Forum)


Adrian Webster was phenomenal, he made a real impact with the talk he did for us. The feedback our organisation gave, from fork lift truck driver to high level leadership, was great. He was energetic, funny and made every person in the room take a step back and think. A great message delivered from a great speaker.

Proctor & Gamble


“The feedback I have had from those that attended Adrian’s presentation has been extraordinary – in fact the very best I have had, having run a number of similar events over the last 7 years.”