Andrew McNeill

Leadership Consultant, Mindfulness Teacher & Author of ‘Organisational Mindfulness – a How-to-Guide’

why book andrew?

  • With 20 years in senior leadership, most recently consulting on a £7bn national programme, Andrew has led large teams in high pressure environments
  • As an accredited mindfulness teacher, Andrew seamlessly integrates mindfulness principles with leadership, authoring the book “Organisational Mindfulness – a How-to Guide”
  • He emphasises the need for ethical leadership in today’s complex landscape, promoting human-centered approaches and kindness to foster success in organisations


Andrew McNeill has spent 20 years in senior leadership, most recently consulting on a £7bn national programme. Throughout his career he has led large teams in high pressure environments.

He is also an accredited mindfulness teacher and brought these two worlds together in his book Organisational Mindfulness – a How-to Guide in 2019, which has sold in 4 continents. By integrating his leadership experience and insights from being a mindfulness teacher Andrew has developed a method to help leaders and their teams embed and implement techniques which improve performance, build psychological safety and support their own and their collective wellbeing.

Andrew co-founded LXLeaders to be able to share these tools with other teams and leaders.

He specialises in working with teams enabling them to connect better and listen to each other. Andrew also works directly with leaders, helping them to thrive through the challenges and opportunities of leadership. His techniques have assisted teams and individuals navigate very real challenges and to communicate with honesty and kindness.


Practice Workplace Mindfulness

Andrew talks about the practical application of mindfulness for people in today’s workplace. He explains how this down to earth toolkit of techniques can help you manage stress, improve your communication skills and support your decision making.

Andrew was never interested in mindfulness until he needed something that would help him cope with the effects of working in an extremely high pressure environment. He approached it with deep scepticism but found these well established evidence based methods worked in the modern workplace. It vastly improved his wellbeing and delivered a step change in his performance which is why he studied to become a mindfulness teacher. Andrew now introduces teams and individuals to these life changing, team transforming skills: in practical, down to earth ways.

From this talk you will take away:

  • Techniques to help you perform in high stress moments
  • Ideas to help you communicate more effectively
  • Ways to give you more choice in your decision making

Ethical Leadership

Andrew believes in the need for leadership to be more fully human and uninhibited. In this talk, Andrew explains what ethical leadership is and why it is so urgently needed now, especially with the multiple pressures we currently face. Andrew will discuss how attitudes such as being non-judgmental and showing kindness are essential to modern day leadership.

• Why leadership is so urgently needed now and what a leader needs to be effective today.
• How leaders can create the space they need to see if what they’re doing is right for them
• Andrew will share examples of ethical leadership and the benefits it brings.

How to Lead under Pressure

Andrew has faced numerous high intensity leadership situations, from heading up the UK Government’s assurance of the Olympic and Paralympic torches for London 2012 to being a Director on the Building Safety Programme immediately after the Grenfell Fire tragedy. Here Andrew talks about his own personal journey with pressure. What worked and what didn’t.

In this honest account, Andrew shares numerous suggestions that could make a significant difference to the way you lead and outlines ways that will help you thrive under pressure including:

• Advancing the way you thrive under pressure.

• From his own experience Andrew will provide life hacks to help you navigate the challenges of leadership.

• Andrew will share his own special techniques which will help you and your team thrive

Finding our Phoenix – Preventing and Recovering from Burnout

Eleven years ago Andrew realised he was burnt out. He had to step back from work to find techniques that enabled him to move from being overwhelmed, to being able to thrive in high pressure environments. In this talk, Andrew shares his experience of being introduced to mindfulness and other strategies, why he was very sceptical in the beginning and how they have helped transform his life, his leadership and his career.

This talk will give you:

• Interesting neuro scientific findings and insights

• An introduction to mindfulness

• Tools to help you integrate these into your life

Psychological Safety – Why it Matters to You and Your Team

When employees feel comfortable asking for help, sharing suggestions informally or challenging the status quo without fear, organizations are more likely to innovate quickly, unlock the benefits of diversity and adapt well to change! In this engaging keynote, Andrew uses evidence based examples to give leaders reasons to want this transformative team mindset!

• Andrew will share powerful examples of how psychological safety can avert risks to your business and enable opportunities to be grabbed!

• The key indicators that show whether the workplace is psychologically safe or not.

• He will explain the impact it has on team culture and how it can enable teams to thrive.

• Andrew will give practical tips on how to achieve psychological safety.

What’s Kindness got to do with it?

Andrew compares some of the traditional archetypes of leadership with the evidence base of what is needed in today’s organisations. He refers to studies made about the value of kindness in the workplace and how it can help your organisation succeed. In this interesting talk Andrew will discuss

• Why kindness is not for the faint hearted

• The difference it will make for your team and the workplace

• How kindness will lead to success

Andrew McNeill


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.

Applied Techniques for Leaders to Thrive Under Pressure

Andrew provides a 60-90 minute masterclass offering insights into how our mind and bodies can be affected by high intensity environments and how we can train ourselves to perform more effectively under pressure whilst improving our wellbeing


“Overall, I thought Andrew’s presentation was unusual for our team because he was asking us to slow down! But his message of being mindful and recognising that the concept of ambiguity is and has always been with all of us in our lives was a key point that maybe we all don’t realise, but should. I think the team welcomed the invitation to slow down and be in the moment. In the times we’re in, the topic was “spot on” to quote one of the team members.”

“It could not have gone any better! Look forward to hopefully working together again very soon”

Andrea, Dell Technologies


“Andrew McNeill had been highly recommended to me at Liberty HR Recruitment as a potential guest-speaker for our monthly HR Leaders’ Forums. After chatting to Andrew and hearing what he had to say, it became apparent that our HR Leaders network really needed to hear from him! He spoke on the subject of ‘Compassion in Leadership’ and he really didn’t disappoint. Andrew delivered his session with an easy style and it was full of engaging subject material. Kindness and compassion are always relevant, perhaps never more so than in our current situation whilst emerging from the Covid pandemic. Andrew ably demonstrated that there is nothing ‘soft’ about kindness.

Our appreciative audience made comments such as;

Just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to the forum today and for all the hard work that you and your team put into making the forum run so smoothly. Andrew was so engaging and the topic is very close to my heart so I thoroughly enjoyed the session.
Loved hearing from the inspirational Andrew McNeill and exploring the power of compassion in leadership. I am so looking forward to reading his book!

Andrew certainly provided us with a timely reminder that being alive to the suffering of others, should be part of workplace culture. This is especially important as we emerge from our ‘Covid Bunkers’ as Andrew calls them, and emerge blinking into the Sun of our new normal. I would heartily recommend Andrew as a speaker and hope, one day, that he will return to speak for our network once again!”

Jane Barry, Managing Director of Liberty HR Recruitment


“Thank you SO much for facilitating today’s session! We thought you did a wonderful job and really appreciate all the time and effort you spent preparing for the session. It was a pleasure working with you and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.”

Abbie Weispfenning, Learning Business Partner Manager, National Learning & Professional Development

“We’ve finally had our first keynote of our development program hosted by Andrew McNeill and I wanted to share with you the positive feedback that we received from our participants.”

“It was a very lovely keynote, inspiring and easy going. Some of them really appreciated the opportunity to have mindfulness practices as a part of the keynote and were able to relax and calm themselves.”

“Andrew was very flexible with all the logistic and briefing preparation, and so nice and kind with our participants. Overall, it was a success!”

“It was a pleasure to have him in our program”J
Thank you again”

Sofia Innocenti, Employee Experience Expert, Allianz Technology 


“Andrew McNeill gave a powerful and inspiring keynote address alongside a panel of business leaders at the launch of the MWC at HSBC’s Canary Wharf headquarters in February 2020. This launched the creation of a paid member community. Andrew’s keynote left the audience wanting to hear and learn more with many of them signing up to join the Community.

Since this launch, Andrew has been at the helm of hosting and facilitating our speaker events which have driven the success of the MWC to date. As well as speaking himself, Andrew has chaired the majority of our panel sessions with insight across all content areas, managing the flow of the conversations and Q&A elements with charisma, in-depth knowledge, compassion and diplomacy.

Andrew’s mastery of virtual meeting presence has resulted in all 87 members who have completed our post-webinar series survey’s, scoring Andrew at the highest level for his facilitation and speaking.

Andrew’s incredibly rich knowledge and expertise leaves members inspired, energised and calm. He conducts the flow of webinars effortlessly and his facilitation management allows for a safe space for learning and reflection to take place.

Testimonials from some of our post-webinar surveys include:-

•‘Andrew hosts and chairs the webinars efficiently and with great presence. He set the tone beautifully.’

•‘[I would change] Nothing! [about the webinars] …Good time, duration, excellent speakers, Andrew is a fantastic facilitator. Always learning from these sessions! I do hope that, post lockdown, the webcast series will continue!’

•Has Andrew written a book?, if not perhaps he should!”

Theresa Dzendrowskyj, Community Director of The Mindful Workplace Community