Anis Qizilbash

The Creator of Mindful Selling & Agile Mindset Principles

why book anis?

  • Anis is the author of “Mindful Selling,” sharing principles to rise above stress, build trust, and provide unrivalled value in the market
  • Anis, as a mindfulness practitioner and mindset coach, explores the correlation between mental states and reactions to life events, contributing to a profound understanding
  • Anis delivers talks on personal leadership, resilience, courage, creativity, emotional intelligence, and more, empowering audiences to break through doubt and insecurity


Creator of Mindful Selling and Agile Mindset Principles, Anis’ mindful moment tools and principles helps leaders and teams unlock growth in the moment to achieve predictable, consistent and powerful results in all areas of business and life, no matter what’s going on around them. She speaks on topics including personal leadership, resilience, reinvention, courage, confidence, commitment, creativity, self-belief, focus, drive, determination, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, adversity, enchanting customer service and sales performance.

Anis is the author of Mindful Selling where she reveals principles to help you rise above stress, quickly bounce back from setbacks, build trust fast so you can serve instead of sell and give unrivalled value in the market.

As mindfulness practitioner and mindset coach, Anis has unearthed a profound understanding of the correlation between our mental state and how we react to life occurrences.

Her talks emboldens audiences to break through the barriers of doubt and insecurity that can impede growth. Anis‘s unique outlook is founded on the principle of being of service to clients and colleagues.

Why now?

Today’s leaders & teams face ever-changing uncertainty, from the break-neck growth of AI, the upheaval of client’s desires to slow-down of global growth.

Critical to being competitive is being adaptable, staying focussed and consistent, while delivering unrivalled value. But you can’t do this when you’re stressed, spooked of change, paralysed by uncertainty, and operating in survival mode.

The unprecedented speed and scale of change will test your leaders and teams, how will you equip them with the mindset be resourceful, creative and productive amidst the turmoil?

Given all that’s going on in the world, it’s never been more critical for everyone to have an Agile Mindset, to be productive, stay competitive and thrive.


Anis Qizilbash has helped individuals, teams, and leaders of organisations to rise to new levels of performance by embracing the AGILE MINDSET PRINCIPLES so they can unlock growth in the moment, to bring predictable, consistent and powerful results. Anis’ dynamic, mindfully energetic presence, interactive keynotes and masterclasses deliver like no other. Drawing upon research and personal experience Anis equips you with practical mindset tools to standout, achieve and sustain the results you need.

Anis Qizilbash examines the components behind peak performance – one that can be replicated to achieve extraordinary success. Examining the elements of dedication, habits, rituals, standards, persistence, resilience, values and vision-setting, persuasive communication, self-leadership, growth mindset, ownership, responsibility; as well as a focus on excellence, integrity and humility; Anis reveals the importance of developing an AGILE MINDSET PRINCIPLES to create exceptional performance. Her engaging insights have helped a wide range of organisations.


Agile Mind, Amplified Results: Achieve Consistent Success in a Dynamic World

In today’s rapidly changing world with unlimited distractions, having an AGILE Mindset is more important than ever. Without this skill, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, anxious, and distracted, making it difficult to adapt to changes and achieve your goals.
I promise I won’t bore them with a long list of theoretical jargon or scientific terms. Instead, I’ll make the experience entertaining, memorable and engaging by weaving in real-life stories and anecdotes that will leave a lasting impression. So not only will the audience learn practical tips and benefits of embracing an AGILE Mindset, but they will also leave inspired and excited to implement them, no matter what’s going on around them.


  •  Leaders and teams feeling anxious about the future and who are struggling to stay focussed to meet their goals and want to cultivate believe in themselves.
  • Companies whose people are not coping well with stress, and pressure of life and work, and are passionate about prioritising employee wellbeing.
  • Leaders and teams going through change and want to energise their team to power forward.


  • Increase optimism, self-belief, confidence, resilience and passion.
  • Transform their interpersonal relationships.
  • Feel more inspired, motivated and excited.
  • Discover how to reset their mindset in a moment to transform personal and business performance.


  • Punchy TED style 20-min.
  • Power hour packed with practical tools & principles to open or close your conference.
  • Energising interactive Masterclasses: 90-minutes to half-day.
  • Plenary or breakout session at your conference.

Mindful Selling: Serve Instead of Sell

In an age of uncertainty, one thing is certain – AI and automation will unleash unfathomable disruption. How do you keep people consistently focussed and performing instead of fearful about the future? And how do get your team to detach emotionally after that big deal they nurtured for the past four months comes crashing down so they don’t waste the rest of that day drowning in dejection? And what about when you lose market share to competitors and your team doesn’t believe in your products anymore?
With 25 years of sales experience, I’ve been in the trenches of cold calling, raked in millions, and coached leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs. But let’s be real, the most impressive thing about me is my ability to make even the driest topic, like sales and overcoming limiting beliefs, hilarious and engaging.
And, no, I won’t bore them with sales jargon or make them cold call anyone. Instead, I’ll weave relatable and hilarious stories of sales blunders and successes to keep the audience entertained and engaged throughout the talk.


  • Sales leaders and teams that want to overcome their mindset blockers to unlock potential.
  • Sales leaders and teams that want to bounce back from failure quickly to stay productive no matter what’s happened.
  • Sales leaders that want to help their teams reconnect with the joy and adventure of selling.
  • Sales leaders and teams that want to develop greater emotional intelligence so they can maintain balance, productivity and drive no matter what.


  • Be in the moment instead of your. head so you can build trust faster & create bigger opportunities.
  • Feel more motivated and cultivate greater self-belief.
  • “The Gap” to rediscover their self-belief and create breakthrough performance.
  • Reset in an instant so you shake off a bad experience or bad month.
  • Snap into your winning mindset before you pick up the phone or walk into that meeting.


  • Open or close your sales conference: power hour packed with practical tools & principles.
  • Sales kick-offs.
  • Energising interactive Masterclasses: 90-minutes to half-day.
  • Plenary or breakout session at your sales conference.

Mindful Service: Create Enchanting Customer Experiences

With the proliferation of technology, customers have become more impatient and demanding than ever before. It’s like they expect customer service reps to be magical unicorns that can grant their every wish with the flick of a wand. Also, your customers are craving for more than just a product or service, they want a memorable and extraordinary experience.
This entertaining and insightful talk will equip your customer service reps with the necessary tools to manage their mindset. Think of it like Jedi training, but instead of lightsabers, they’ll be armed with patience, composure, and compassion. With these skills, they’ll be able to enchant customers and provide a memorable experience, even when things get wild. But, with a little suite of tools your customer service reps will be able to handle anything that comes their way.


  • Companies that want to standout and boost profits by creating magnetic connections with their customers.
  • Luxury brands that want to deliver enchanting customer experiences that go beyond expectation.
  • Customer service leaders and teams that want to consistently and predictably deliver enchanting and exciting customer experiences to increase profits.
  • Customer service leaders and teams that want to reconnect with the joy and adventure of serving customers.


  • Techniques to manage their mindset, remain calm, and provide compassionate service.
  • “The Gap” to snap out of a difficult moment so you can bring your best self.
  • The one thing that boosts customer experience more than widgets and tech.
  • How to insert simple practices into daily customer service routines to improve overall delivery and customer experience.

Grit & Grace: Mastering Resilience in Turbulent Times

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, resilience is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a leader, or just someone trying to navigate the ups and downs of life, the ability to unlock your resilience can make all the difference in achieving your goals and reaching your full potential.
In my keynote, I’ll share practical steps you can take today to start developing resilience and achieve success both personally and professionally. But let’s face it, resilience can be a dry topic. That’s why I’ll be weaving relatable stories and anecdotes throughout the talk to keep your team engaged and entertained. From hilarious mishaps to tales of triumph over adversity, I’ll have your team laughing and learning. Best of all, these steps are easy to implement and will positively impact your team’s performance and well-being. Get ready to become a more resilient version of yourself!

Organisations that want their leaders and teams to

  • Stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Pivot quickly and problem solve as new challenges arise.
  • Boost motivation and performance to reach ambitious goals faster.
  • Handle volatility without compromising success.
  • Strengthen their resilience so they can live happier and more fulfilling lives.


  • How to harness your inner grit and grace to become an unstoppable force in the face of any challenge
  • How to shift your focus from “getting it right” to making progress, no matter how small
  • Practical strategies for managing stress and cultivating healthy habits that will help you stay focused energised, and resilient, no matter what life throws your way
  • A lifeline in turbulent times, that provides perspective when you need it most


  • Punchy TED style 20-min
  • Power hour packed with practical tools & principles to open or close your conference
  • Energising interactive Masterclasses: 90-minutes to half-day
  • Plenary or breakout session at your conference

Anis Qizilbash


“In addition to her natural comedic abilities, Anis’ keynote was very insightful. She had us engaged from start to finish and we as a team took a lot from it. Especially the 3 wins of the day and the complimentary circle! Thank you so much Anis and hope to hear you speak again soon.”

Senior Development Manager, Pearson

“Since your keynote, I am hearing alot of people talking about mindfulness and how they are trialling it with the headspace app so it sounds like your talk really resonated with people.”

Regional Marketing Manager, Axis Communications

“Thank you for an amazing keynote on Wednesday [annual sales kick-off]. It can be so difficult to make an hours-long virtual event engaging. Not only did you help our team accomplish this, but you also made it a ton of fun! We’ve received high remarks and compliments from our colleagues this week. People thought the presentation was refreshing, funny, and exciting.”

DLL Group

“We’re implementing compliment circles and so many other amazing take aways from your session to the team.”

Head of Global Strategic Marketing, DLL, USA

“On behalf of London Economic Action Partnership and the Mayor of London, we cannot thank Anis enough for joining us as a speaker at London’s Diverse Entrepreneurs at City Hall! Anis was a knockout keynote speaker. She found the perfect balance between inspiring, spurring the audience to take action and offering practical steps to get it done. She really took the time to understand our audience of diverse business owners, their challenges and the impact we wanted to make. Anis you crafted a talk that well and truly delivered – Fabulous! We received so much incredible feedback – they said they found inspiration and received practical advice to help them break through barriers and achieve the potential. It was also great to see the buzz on social media (the mayor did some posts as well).”

Hannah Simbo, Event Manager, Newable