Annmarie O’Connor

Fashion Editor, Stylist, Bestselling Author & Parkinson’s Advocate

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  • Irish Examiner fashion editor, stylist, podcaster, bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and renowned media contributor
  • Diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s in 2021, Annmarie uses her platform to raise awareness and promote positive social change
  • With a ‘wardrobe wellness’ brand, Annmarie transforms fashion relationships, helping individuals adopt healthier approaches to dressing


Annmarie O’Connor is the Irish Examiner fashion editor, a stylist, podcaster, bestselling author, TEDx speaker and well-known media contributor. With a self-styled ‘wardrobe wellness’ brand and practical approach to dressing, she helps people take the ‘war’ out of their wardrobes and adopt a healthier relationship with fashion.

Her books The Happy Closet and The Happy Medium explore how considered choices can increase sartorial and personal satisfaction; a topic she also explores in her TEDx talk ‘Enough is Enough: Deciding to Be Satisfied’.

In 2021, Annmarie was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s disease – an incurable neurodegenerative condition affecting movement, coordination and speech. She now uses her platform to spread awareness and bring about positive social change.

She has been featured in the Irish Examiner as one of 100 Women in Ireland Blazing a Trail, 2023; as one of Ireland’s 100 Most Inspiring Women and in Irish Tatler Business on Ireland’s Power List: 1,000 Women of Influence (2013, 2014, 2015).


How to be a Smarter Shopper

Do you dread shopping? Are you constantly buying new clothes but still feel like you have nothing to wear? Here, Annmarie shares the practical tools for recognising and releasing the emotional and unconscious patterns behind poor buying decisions; what SMART goals to set; how to control your retail experience—online or IRL, and the final steps that separate collecting from selecting a wardrobe that works for you—today.

Declutter your Closet, your Mind & your Mood

You’ve heard of Konmari but have you heard of Annmarie? Fashion editor, stylist, and bestselling author of The Happy Closet; Annmarie O’Connor has identified nine closet personality types, each with their own emotional hang-ups and unconscious habits that can create WAR in your wardrobe. Learn how to declutter from the inside out with ten psychological and practical tips that take you from collecting to selecting the clothing that works for you–today.

Working from Anywhere: Decoding the Dress Code

The Wardrobe Wellness seminar/webinar series provides practical advice for navigating the business casual dress code in today’s corporate work models. Annmarie addresses the casualisation of modern culture and the challenges it can pose to our confidence and career progression. Learn about wardrobe deal breakers and deal makers, the importance of a YOU-niform and how to create a consistent visual message makes you feel confident and others confident in you

The Power of Personal Agency: Learn How to Roll the DICE and Navigate Change

In 2021, Irish Examiner columnist Annmarie O’Connor was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s disease – an incurable neurodegenerative condition affecting movement, coordination and speech. Her health journey is a testimony to her method for embracing change: rolling the DICE (Discipline, Intention, Connection and Education) despite the odds. Learn how to transform your mindset and your life with this insider’s guide to thrive.

Annmarie O’Connor



The white book cover of Annmarie O'Connor's book 'The Happy Closet - simplify your wardrobe, simplify your life'
The blue book cover of Annmarie O'Connor's book 'The Happy Medium - swap the weight of having it all for having more with less'


“Annmarie is the ultimate professional, a wonderful presence on stage and in person and her ability to connect with the audience has those in attendance nodding along in agreement almost immediately. Annmarie is a unique voice in the wellness space with a very distinctive offering and we very much look forward to continuing our working relationship with Annmarie.”

Aoibhín Garrihy, BEO Wellness

“Annmarie has spoken with conviction and honesty about her early-onset Parkinson’s diagnosis, bringing a wider awareness to the issue. She does not see herself as a victim and has become an accidental advocate for people with Parkinson’s. ‘I’ve never seen myself as being an advocate but the personal is political. I don’t want people to think they have to hide. Why should they have to hide?’ she told the Tommy Tiernan Show.”

Ciara McDonnell, Irish Examiner, 100 Women in Ireland Blazing a Trail