Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin

Dr. Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin

Award-Winning Science Communicator, Educator, Academic and Advocate for Gender Equality

why book aoibhinn?

  • Aoibhinn’s research and advocacy have shaped national education policies in Ireland, enhancing equity in education across all levels
  • As Chair of the Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss and 2023 Irish Tatler’s Public Life Awardee, Aoibhinn champions science and environmentalism
  • Aoibhinn’s passionate communication of physics and her work at CERN has made her a prominent science communicator and media personality
Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin


An experienced MC, conference host, panel facilitator, speaker and broadcaster, Aoibhinn is an established presenter with wide-ranging appeal. Building on her skills as an educator, she brings warmth and energy in her hosting of events. As an interviewer, she draws on her extensive experience hosting TV and radio shows and puts both her interviewee and audience at ease. As a speaker, her talks incorporate her academic and media work making them both entertaining and informative.

Aoibhinn came to prominence as a science communicator when she spoke passionately about her interest in Physics and experience working at CERN as a contestant in the Rose of Tralee. Since then she has co-hosted, among other shows, RTE’s flagship science programmes The Science Squad and 10 Things to Know About and she regularly brings contemporary research to life on TV and radio. She is a winner of the SFI Science Communicator Award and Maths Week Ireland Award for her work promoting STEM and, in particular, for promoting women in STEM. Silicon Republic named her one of the Top 10 Science Communicators and one of the Top 100 Women in Science.

A former maths and physics teacher in a socioeconomically underprivileged school, she is committed to equity in education and more broadly in society. In her academic research she works with schools, teachers and school leaders across the country and has influenced national policy in Ireland at primary, secondary and third level.

Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin

Aoibhinn is a well-known voice in Ireland. In 2021 she was named as one of the 100 Women of 2021 by the Irish Examiner, as a role model for STEM and for speaking out on workplace sexual harassment. Chair of the Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss and an active voice at the intersection of science and environmentalism, she was named Irish Tatler’s Public Life Awardee in 2023. In 2017 she was named as one of the 40 under 40 European Young Leaders, a group nominated to facilitate and create a more equal, innovative and inclusive Europe.


Education for our Changing World

Education is a fundamental pillar of society. More than an instrument of the economy, education has the potential to empower all learners to meet the many and diverse global challenges of the present and future. Building on her experience as a teacher, lecturer and parent and drawing on learnings from contemporary, peer-reviewed research, Aoibhinn speaks to the core elements required to ensure our schools and classrooms can nurture the creativity and potential of learners in our ever-changing world.

Aoibhinn speaks to the necessity of taking risks in learning and encourages us to be comfortable with making mistakes. Situating education as a key facet of ensuring an equitable, environmentally sustainable and democratic society, this keynote is insightful and inspiring.


Using your voice and making a difference can sound like empty platitudes. What does it look like to put your head above the parapet? How does it feel to go out on a limb for something you’re passionate about? Aoibhinn draws on examples from her life experiences advocating for women’s healthcare and speaking out against workplace sexual harassment to imagine a more equal world. In so doing, she inspires and motivates the audience to consider making a difference in their own lives and communities. Whether you want to progress women in leadership, motivate your staff or empower your employees, this talk has something for everyone.

Fulfilling our potential in STEM

What does STEM really mean and how can we support innovation and development at local, national and global levels?

Why is there a lack of equity in STEM and what can we do to address this? Taking a look at gender or socioeconomic backgrounds, what are the current issues in accessing and pursuing STEM?

As a parent how can you encourage your children, and in particular your daughters, to consider pathways in STEM?

In a talk which can be tailored for diverse audiences, Aoibhinn draws from her experiences as a scientist, educator and advocate in considering a vision for STEM which can meet global challenges and fulfil sustainable development goals.

Other topics include:

  • Parenting & STEM – what does the research say?
  • Ireland’s history of women in science & its impact on us today
  • Generational thinking and the resilience of nature

Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin, Dr.


“Aoibhinn gave a great presentation and the feedback was brilliant from everyone who attended. Everyone seemed to take at least one thought away with them. We must also thank Aoibhinn for her help in preparation for the evening. It was a pleasure to work with her for this event.”

Women in leadership event, International Finance Client

“I saw your talk today; it was really excellent. You are a very strong communicator: passionate, and walking that fine line that I strive to walk between earned self-confidence tempered with humility. An inspirational leadership style.”

IWD talk attendee

“That was a fantastic conversation and so inspiring! Thank you so much for such an articulate and engaging hour.”

IWD talk, International Healthcare Solutions Client