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Aoife Lee

Experienced Parent Coach, Founder of Parent Support, Corporate Wellness

why book aoife?

  • Aoife, a mother of three and accredited parent coach, founded Parent Support, empowering families for over two decades with practical Positive Parenting advice
  • Aoife engages with companies, delivering parenting wellness talks and corporate wellness programs, addressing the evolving challenges of working parents
  • Parent Support, under Aoife’s leadership, won the ‘Best in Education’ award at the Family Friendly Ireland Awards
aoife lee


Aoife Lee is a mum of 3 children, an accredited parent coach and Founder of Parent Support. She has been supporting families for the last 20 years, in which Aoife worked for over 12 years with the Health Service Executive (HSE) as part of an Early Intervention Team and children in care, before establishing Parent Support in 2013.

Parent Support educates and empowers parents and caregivers who are struggling, or just need some guidance along their parenting journey by

providing practical Positive Parenting advice, tools and techniques which help families to build a calmer and happier home.

Parent Support supports parents and caregivers of babies, toddlers, primary age, and teenagers across Ireland through 1 to 1 sessions, online workshops, eLearning courses and working directly with companies providing parenting wellness talks for their working parents/caregivers and corporate wellness programmes.

aoife lee

Aoife took part in the 2021 IBEC Keepwell Summit where she spoke openly about supporting working parents and parenting post covid which is an evolving topic that many need assistance with. Aoife is experienced with panel discussions both as host and panellist with several clients including Ernst & Young.

Parent Support have recently launched a number of eLearning Parenting Courses to help parents and caregivers build calmer and happier homes.

Aoife is also an expert provider for Irish Life Health corporate customer wellness programmes. Parent Support won a ‘Best in Education’ award in the Family Friendly Ireland Awards in 2019.


Positive Parenting – Supporting Parents & Children While Returning To The Office

As we see and experience society opening back up again, it brings a new lease of life, many parents and caregivers reported that our last lockdown was the toughest, but as our children, young and old adapt to life changing once again there are many children that remain feeling anxious. In this session Aoife helps the audience understand how they can support their children when they are feeling anxious as they continue to adjust to change. Aoife also gives practical advice about balancing flexible working from home and the return to office and the benefits of managing expectations and boundaries on the day-to day-challenges of parenting.

Positive Parenting – Understanding & Supporting Behaviour

As many families come up against the challenges of managing a work-life balance, when with their parents, children will often test those boundaries.

In this session Aoife explains why children push the boundaries and how to manage these behaviours as well as going through practical ways of the parenting or caregiver taking the lead. Audiences will learn how to build relationships with their children and top tips on how to be more assertive when dealing with a variety of behaviours and situations.

Screen Time, Smartphones & Social Media

Parents more than ever feel overwhelmed by the impact screens and social media have had on their children, in this session Aoife explores

The pros and cons of internet use.  She sheds a light on the effect social media has on our children’s lives including Cyberbullying. This session will help parents and caregivers understand why having guidelines and boundaries on screen time using ‘parental controls’ on devices is so important. Finally, it will help parents and caregivers to empower their children to take responsibility while gaming and phone use through positive communication.

Building Positive Relationships With Your Teenagers

It’s a very natural process for teenagers to move away from being so dependent on their parents to being more influenced by their peers. During this session Aoife discusses how to translate and understand your teenager’s behaviours. Aoife provides practical ways of managing the challenging behaviours and the importance of positive communication and building relationships.

Parenting Challenges

In this session Aoife works closely with the organisations to tailor the session to best suit the audience needs such as topic and general age group of the children. Parenting has its ups and downs and can be a rollercoaster for many. Aoife is experienced in simplifying the process and giving the parents and caregivers the support and the knowledge, they need to help them overcome their parenting challenges.

Aoife Lee


“We were delighted to have Aoife speak at our Family Balance ERG event hosted as an informative webinar on supporting parents/guardians and children while working at home.  The virtual audience were very engaged, asking a lot of questions. Aoife was prompt to provide support, guidance, and resources during the session.  Aoife has a wealth of knowledge, offering practical advice and an ability to tailor the discussion to span multiple age groups of children.  The feedback has been very positive.  Thank you Aoife!”

Susan Mullane, Senior Director, Business Services, Dell Technologies Services


“We were delighted to have Aoife speak again to the Modern Parents and Guardians group in Microsoft Ireland.  Her energy and subject matter expertise are second to none.  She fosters inclusivity and engagement, encouraging the group to share their kids ages, seamlessly switching between age groups with content relevant for children and adults of all ages.  Her advice on parenting through a pandemic was really valuable and she shared tips and resources that helped the full group. We received great feedback after the event”

Suzanne Fogarty, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Ireland


“Aoife Lee has facilitated a number of colleagues talks for the IMI and they have been very beneficial.  Aoife is well informed, absolutely not judgmental, open and warm, she creates a lovely atmosphere for colleagues to ask questions, looking for tips and share ‘war stories.  We have found Aoife’s talks great and look forward to having her back soon”

Roz O’ Shaughnessy, The Irish Management Institute

“I’ve worked with Aoife on various shared client projects over the years and have always found her to be an absolute pleasure to work with – highly professional with an ability to adapt her messaging and delivery to almost any audience in a way that is engaging, authentic and very informative.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to take part, as a guest, in some of her parenting webinars, and coaching events, and have thoroughly enjoyed these – learning something new on each occasion, and taking away solid advice and practical parenting tips”

Nicky Crichton – Brand Communications Lead – Drury Porter Novelli


“We were searching for a regular parenting contributor for our radio show and, once we gave Aoife a shout, we stopped the search. Clear, well-informed, relatable tips to ease parenting woes are what our audience wants and what Aoife provides time and time again.”

Dave Moore of The Dermot & Dave Show, TODAYFM