Barra Fitzgibbon

MC/Moderator, Journalist

why book barra?

  • Barra transformed TV announcing, imprinting his personality on Channel 4, revolutionising continuity, and leaving an indelible mark on the network’s brand
  • Overcoming a severe bout of COVID, Barra champions the power of healthy conversations in recovery, emphasising their significance in medical contexts
  • Barra’s hosting prowess extends from the Richard and Judy Book Awards to the vibrant Meatopia at The Open Gate Guinness Brewery in Dublin


rom the courtroom to the national airwaves of Britain and a near-death experience with COVID, Barra Fitzgibbon has spent more than twenty years as a TV Presenter and Keynote and Motivational Speaker. Great conversations lie at the heart of his work accelerating the growth of organisations and individuals. For Barra, the key to problem-solving is how we talk to others and ourselves.

Barra trained as a lawyer, quickly discovering the joy of advocacy and public speaking in the court-room. After a dare from his big sister, he sent a showreel to Channel 4 and was quickly signed up. Bringing personality to continuity, Barra revolutionised the art of the TV announcer, embedding his voice in the consciousness of the Channel 4 brand.

An additional career as a commercial voice artist beckoned and through unexpected conversations, Barra lent his dulcet tones to OK magazine, Paco Rabanne, 20th Century Fox, Kerry Gold Butter and Sony Pictures.

He is also an accomplished event host, from the Richard and Judy Book Awards to the carnivorous fiesta that is Meatopia at The Open Gate Guinness Brewery in Dublin.


Early in 2020 Barra caught COVID, the serious kind, coma for 6 days, intubated and ventilated, he only just survived. From his hospital bed, the value of healthy conversations was reinforced. He spoke at the 2020 NHS annual convention extolling the health benefits of great conversations between consultants, nurses and patients and how these are as important to recovery as traditional medicine. Barra was hailed “the poster boy of this convention”, receiving widespread praise for his powerful and “profound” speech. He’s now in demand as a guest, contributor and commentator on shows like Pat Kenny in Ireland. Speaker, motivator, survivor, Barra brings profile, passion and wit to every event – an inspirational performer for every audience.




Mental health issues, particularly with children






Meat (Host of the Meatopia events)


Beer (Event Host with Guinness)

Barra Fitzgibbon


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“What makes Barra stand out is his attention to detail, his humanity and his ability to bring guests and audience into his comfortable world where they feel good about themselves and can share their thoughts and feelings in the most natural way. Barra is a true professional… does his research rigorously and uses this knowledge to make guests feel important but also allows him to engage in a natural unforced conversation on stage and on screen.

His natural inquisitiveness, his intellect and his passion for life shines through and allows him to facilitate guests sharing amazing in depth stories of their lives.

​His quick witted nature welcomes the audience into the conversation and allows us to feel we have been part of an amazing conversation.