Benji Bennett

Author, Philosopher, Publisher

why book benji?

  • After the sudden loss of his son Adam to an undiagnosed brain tumour, Benji turns grief into purpose, promoting “Adam’s Message” of cherishing family time, love, hugs, and kisses
  • Benji turned his grief into purpose, establishing Adam’s Cloud, vowing to honour Adam’s memory with a message of love
  • Author of “Before You Sleep,” sharing his journey and insights, providing hope and guidance on surviving grief and nurturing happy children


Living in Dublin with his wife Jackie and their 3 children, Harry, Robbie and Molly, Benji is dedicated to bringing families closer by promoting “Adam’s Message” of the importance of family time filled with love, hugs and kisses.

While pursuing a successful career in sales and marketing, Benji and his family were struck with a life-changing tragedy when his 4-year old son Adam died suddenly and without warning from an undiagnosed Brain Tumour in 2007.

Before he died, Benji promised Adam that the world would know how beautiful and unique he was. Moments later, Benji was inspired and comforted by a simple positive thought he shared with his wife Jackie that would define their family’s life and future.

“We will survive this because we spent time with Adam and told him we loved him every day. We need to remember Adam by reminding parents to spend an extra 10 minutes of playtime and tell their children they are loved every day.”

This deeply inspired thought became a dynamic and revitalising source of hope, belief, spiritual energy, creativity, and motivation that would drive Benji to prioritise family time and establish Adam’s Cloud to encourage others to do the same.

On Adam’s 1st Anniversary, Benji published his first book, Before You Sleep and became a full time author.

The unexpected benefits of Benji’s unwavering dedication toward a single dominating goal provided him with answers to previously unanswerable questions:
1. How to possibly survive grief as individuals, as a couple, as a family?
2. How to provide for/ and raise happy children and protect them from grief so Adams’s death would not define their lives.
3. How could they ensure Adam would always be remembered.

Focusing on a single inspirational objective allowed Benji and his family to conquer their fears, overcome many challenges and build a magical, loving brand in their son’s name.

The Bennetts turned a tragic event into something beautiful and continue to remember their son in everything they do.


Business and Culture: Building Business with Purpose

Believing in the positive social, spiritual or psychological benefits of a vision, ideology, objective, or goal is humanity’s most powerful motivator. Unlocking the power of belief in a company’s mission, goals, objectives, purpose, abilities or social benefits can inspire and motivate employees beyond traditional incentives.
Benji Bennett inspires business and employees with a remarkable story of how his belief in a single vision enabled him to survive grief, establish an inspirational brand, become a bestselling and award-winning author and build a loving, happy home with his wife and family.

Parenting: Building a Happy Family and Raising Happy kids

Inspired By Adams’s message and the benefits of family time filled with love, Benji Bennet discusses his “Family First” philosophy that helped guide him and his wife Jackie to build a happy home and raise 3 happy children in the midst of their own family tragedy.

Motivation: Resilience and Adapting

Losing a child requires a parent to rebuild a new life in a fearful new, unfamiliar world. Add in work redundancy, a business start-up at the beginning of a global economic crash, two young kids, a new baby, and life’s regular stresses & strains. These were the complex and challenging circumstances Benji and his family had to face within a year of his son Adams’s death.

Benji Bennett discusses the philosophies and values that motivated and guided him and his family to overcome these challenges. Find out how “The Bennetts” adapted to their set of circumstances to maintain a warm, loving, stable family environment, build a successful business, and raise (what appear to be) 3 ambitious, happy, well-adjusted children.

Surviving Grief: Finding Peace In Grief’s Afterlife

When a child dies, a parent’s life ends, and a new one begins. A new life in a strange new world of pain, confusion, stress, uncertainty, fear, anger and bewilderment. Benji Discusses how he and his family found peace, purpose, happiness and love in life after grief.

Benji Bennett