Caroline Currid

Leading Performance Psychologist

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  • With over 17 years of experience, Caroline Currid is a leading performance psychologist, specialising in both elite sports and corporate environments
  • Caroline holds an honors degree in Computer Programming, an MSc in Sport Psychology, and is pursuing a Professional Doctorate in Human Performance Psychology alongside an MBA
  • Caroline’s exceptional results extend to the business world, where she has worked with CEOs, C-Suite executives, and senior management teams globally, achieving high performance in diverse cultures


Caroline is one of Ireland’s leading performance psychologists who has over 17 years’ experience working with elite sport and corporate clients in Ireland and abroad. Her record as a performance psychologist has made her one of the most sought-after figures in the field of elite performance.

Caroline achieved an honors degree in Computer Programming but her passion for Sport led her to study Psychology through Open University and go on to achieve an MSC in Sport Psychology through Ulster University and is currently doing a Professional Doctorate in the University of Limerick in Human Performance Psychology. With the huge correlation between sport and business performance and success, Caroline has also completed an MBA in University College Cork. Caroline is accredited in Insights Discovery and the B5-Plus Personality Preference Inventory.

Caroline has been involved in the backroom teams of four All-Ireland winners – Tyrone Footballers (2008), Tipperary Hurlers (2010), Dublin Footballers (2011) and four in a row all Ireland winners, Limerick hurlers, (2018, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023).

She has also worked in the backroom team for Celtic FC, and Munster Rugby. She has worked individually with world-class athletes including Lions captain Paul O’ Connell, Kenya’s 800m Olympic champion, David Rudisha and Irish athletes – Chris O’Donnell & Mona McSharry

Caroline’s role as a performance psychologist in the business world has set her apart with the results she has achieved working with CEO’s, C-Suite executives and senior management teams. Caroline has worked in many difference cultures including Ireland, UK, USA and Australia with multi-national companies who are striving to achieve high performance.


Delivering Insight into High Performing Fundamentals across Sport & Business Organisations

This session will focus on providing valuable understanding and analysis on core principles and strategies that lead to high performance on a consistent basis in both sport and business settings. The aim is to offer valuable insights and knowledge to optimise performance and drive success, growth and sustainability in these domains.

The fundamentals in this session with highlight the interconnectedness and parallels between sports and businesses. Many principles that drive high performance, such as high standards, honest communication and continuous improvement, are applicable in both domains. By delivering insights that bridge this gap and elucidate the common threads, individuals, teams and organisations can leverage lessons from one domain to enrich their approach in the other.

This session signifies the dissemination of crucial knowledge and understanding that can unlock the full potential of leaders within organisations in both sport and business, leading to enhanced performance and achievement of strategic objectives.

Caroline Currid


“Caroline was absolutely outstanding. Her talk was so well prepared and tailored to the crowd. Each and every person who attended spoke about how relatable and intelligent her presentation was. I can see why she is at the top of her field. I think the team felt the points and guidance that Caroline gave will help them reach success on the project and also in life outside work.”

Ali O’Callaghan


“Caroline delivered a High Performance workshop to the Berkley Group. Caroline presented a very engaging session on how best to maximise your own potential as well as creating an environment for high performing teams. I was particularly interested in her discussion on getting the right team mind-set and ensuring that each team member were maximising their potential. Caroline’s workshop had a very positive impact and I will be looking to build on that by bringing Caroline in for individual and group sessions with the team.”

Fergal Brosnan, CEO , Berkley Recruitment

“Through engaging and interactive presentations, Caroline was able to facilitate the audiences to envision the possibility of a high performing life with her simple and practical mind management techniques. While her prowess at the top level is evident in trophy cases across the country, her warm “you can do it” attitude helps those that are journeyman players in the game of life.”

Aimee Casey, Lumbeck Ireland


“A big thanks for the insightful presentation you delivered to our team on Performance Psychology as part of our Mental Health Awareness Month. The real life experiences you shared with us spanning sporting, personal and family day to day life resonated with the team personally and gave everyone something to take away. The session was truly invaluable to all attendees.”

Frank O’Donoghue, AIB