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Chris Smit

International Strategy Expert, Author and TedX Speaker

Chris Smit has worked with thousands of individuals from over 100 nationalities in more than 45 different countries sharing his know-how on Cultural Diversity and Company Culture, doing hundreds of Cultural Awareness Training & Lectures. Chris’ contagious energy will give your audience a leaning experience they will not forget.



Chris Smit makes companies and organizations more aware of cultural diversity. In business, the im­pact of cultural differences are still under-estimated. We talk a lot about globalization. The world seems to be getting smaller, and yet we all bear the mark of the culture in which we grew up. This often leads to misunderstandings that are detrimental to your business. More attention to cultural diversity should be a top priority for companies and organizations.

Chris puts you on track to efficiently deal with the cultural differences. Since 1993 he has advised thousands of people from more than 100 different nationalities. His work has taken him to more than 45 countries. He is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker with extensive experience in coaching and managing staff at all levels.

 Companies working on their cultural competence reap the rewards, both in time and money.

Cultural competence ensures a more focused management, effective produc­tion, and more humane HR policies.

Chris is an inspirational speaker and a seasoned consultant. He knows how to trans­late the concept of cultural diversity in a clear and compel­ling story and solution. His great expertise is a source of inspira­tion for a very diverse audience.

Chris Smit has several international publications in his name and a frequent keynote speaker at international business events. Chris’ clients include the FBI, PwC, IBM, Shell, Lufthansa and Nike.


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“Chris is an experienced culture expert. I’ve been doing business with him for years and have never been disappointed. He not only knows what he’s talking about, but he can also deliver it in a way that captures an audience, be it 10 people or 150 people. If culture is important to you (and for whom isn’t it) work with Chris.” Paul Wait, CEO GTMC

“I met Chris at a conference in Abu Dhabi, where he gave a keynote lecture. Immediately after I contracted him for our organization’s annual customer event. Chris is able to capture the attention from the very first moment on and hold it till the last minute. He broadens and deepens your understanding, as well as giving you the tools to overcome cultural differences within a global business world.” Jens Schuster, Senior Director, Lufthansa

“Chris is an open-minded flexible professional who can deliver high-quality work when it comes to culture.

After having attended a workshop of him, people are better equipped to work with other cultures. What counts for me are the end results, and for that, you can count on Chris.” Hans Odenthal, People Manager Sioux Embedded Systems

“We’ve been growing rapidly internationally, so we needed to become culturally competent. For that, we have found the perfect partner in Chris Smit. I’ve attended a workshop where Chris explained and taught us all we needed to know to more effectively work with our international clients. If you’re working internationally, work with Chris. He can save you time and money by letting you do your business better.” Christophe Scholer, CEO Araxxe

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