Dan Cobley

Dan Cobley

Fintech Entrepreneur and Former Google MD

why book dan?

  • Dan is an entrepreneur and investor specialising in innovative tech startups, with a focus on financial services within the FinTech sector
  • Recognised as one of the influential digital personalities by Wired magazine and the Evening Standard, Dan’s TED Talk on physics and marketing has garnered over one million views
  • Spending over 8 years at Google, Dan served as Managing Director, UK & Ireland, overseeing the largest market for Google outside the US
Dan Cobley


Dan Cobley is an entrepreneur and investor in innovative tech startup businesses, focusing on financial services.

He leads the FinTech portfolio for Blenheim Chalcot, a long-established London venture builder. Through this role he has co-founded and now chairs three fast-growth fintech companies; SalaryFinanceBusinessFinanceCompared and ClearScore, and he sits on the boards of LiberisModulr and Onfido. Beyond fintech he is an investor and advisor to a number of companies including Brompton BicyclePersonalBoardroomQubit, and HiveLearning.

Until late 2014, Dan spent over 8 years at Google. For the last three years he was Managing Director, UK & Ireland – the biggest market for Google outside the US and the most advanced major country in terms of e-commerce and online advertising spending. Cobley was promoted to the UK MD role after five years in Google marketing, first as Marketing Director, UK, Ireland and Benelux and then as VP Marketing, EM

Dan Cobley

Previously, he was VP of Brand and Marketing for Capital One Europe, Marketing Director for Ask Jeeves, and Marketing Director at Pepsi/Walkers.

His TED speech on physics and marketing has been watched over one million times, and he has been rated as one of the influential digital people by both Wired magazine and the Evening Standard.






“No speaker we’ve ever had, has been recommended so often by former speakers than one Dan Cobley. So much so, we’ve decided to invite him to Ireland.”

Pre Event Publicity, Dublin Web Summit, March 2011

“Dan, short note to say thank you so much for a great talk. It was fun, insightful and uplifting, and there have been some incredibly positive blog posts and tweets about your speech.”

Paddy Cosgrove, CEO, Dublin Web Summit