Danny Lennon

Evidence Based Nutritionist, Founder of Sigma Nutrition

why book danny?

  • Leverages his scientific background to interpret the latest findings of nutrition research and making them relatable
  • A member of the advisory board for the Sports Nutrition Association presents at conferences and seminars worldwide
  • Demystifies nutrition and conflicting information, delivering key insights in an engaging and understandable manner


Danny Lennon is the founder of Sigma Nutrition, a company providing educational media content on evidence-based nutrition.

Danny is the host of the top-ranked podcast Sigma Nutrition Radio, which (as of 2022) has over 7 million downloads, and a monthly audience of ~100,000 nutrition enthusiasts.

Danny has a master’s degree (MSc.) in Nutritional Sciences, and uses his scientific background to read and interpret the latest nutrition research, before communicating the key points to his audience, in a manner that is engaging and understandable.

Danny is also a sought after speaker on evidence-based nutrition, speaking at conferences and seminars all over the world.

He has presented at events all over Europe, Australia, and the United States. He has spoken at corporate organisations such as LinkedIn, Johnson & Johnson and Gilead Sciences. He also sits on the advisory board of Sports Nutrition Association, the global regulatory association of accredited sports nutritionists.


What is a Healthy Diet?

Trying to find good information on healthy eating is a real challenge nowadays. Everywhere we look there are conflicting messages about what is and isn’t healthy, leaving us confused about what to eat. So what can we do? In this talk, Danny Lennon discusses what we actually know from nutrition research, how we should define a “healthy diet”, and what practical steps we can take to eat healthily without the need for strict rules or unnecessary diets.

Weight Loss Diets: Helpful or Harmful?

Research shows clear associations with obesity and negative health outcomes, as well as suggesting weight loss can improve a range of health markers. But there are potential risks and harms of engaging in weight loss interventions. And there are better and worse approaches to weight loss. In this talk, Danny Lennon discusses the pros and cons of weight loss, as well as other ways we can

Diet, Cholesterol & Heart Disease

What aspects of diet increase heart disease risk? How can we eat to reduce blood cholesterol levels (or keep them low)? In this talk, Danny Lennon discusses what research tells us about diet and heart disease, and what this means for our own dietary choices.

Nutrition Demystified: Tackling Common Questions

Nutrition can be a confusing topic with lots of conflicting information. Are eggs good or bad for us? Should we go vegan or keto? Is too much protein dangerous? How much red meat is ok? Do we need to cut out gluten or dairy? The questions can be endless. In this talk, Danny Lennon walks through some of the most pressing questions on confusing nutrition topics and addresses some common diet myths.

Danny Lennon