David Speed black and white headshot

David Speed

World Renowned Street Artist, #1 iTunes Podcast Host and Creativity Advocate

why book david?

  • David Speed is renowned for his vibrant neon paintings, setting trends in the UK art scene
  • As the host of the “Creative Rebels” podcast, David shares insights and stories from experts in the creative industries, inspiring listeners
  • Known for his distinctive style, David has created artwork for MTV and prominent figures like Shaquille O’Neal
David Speed black and white headshot


David Speed is a street artist from London, best known for his series of neon paintings. 

Using the brightest pigment available, the artist has developed a unique signature style and has quickly become one of the most recognised creators in the UK art scene. 

David has created work for clients such as Shaquille O’Neal, Nobu Matsuhisa, Goldie and MTV 

David’s artwork centres around themes of identity, connection and untold stories.

He has worked in an official and unofficial capacity as a mentor to several young artists and is the host of #1 podcast ‘Creative Rebels’ which encourages creativity and shares the stories of experts within the creative industries.

David Speed black and white headshot


How to Think Creatively

I meet so many people who say “I’m not very creative”. The word ‘creativity’ is over-used and under-defined, it’s been turned into an ethereal concept but it’s a very real resource that everyone can and should access. Understand how to unlock your creative brain and you’ll transform your life.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to start thinking creatively and deprogram everything you were taught at school
  • Why your ideas might not work and why that’s okay
  • How creative bravery gains a competitive edge 

Be More Vandal – Lessons from a Life of Crime

‘We do things this way because that’s the way it’s always been done’, this is the motto of dying organisations. Be brave. Break the rules. Change occurs when we question the status quo and push boundaries. 

In this session you will learn:

  • How you can be more vandal (without breaking the law)
  • The techniques you can steal from graffiti artists to be more successful

David Speed




“David Speed was one of the most inspiring creative speakers we’ve had at Wieden & Kennedy. If you think any part of his career is easy, you haven’t heard him speak. He wears his passion on his sleeve. He is an absolute treat.”

Susan Hoffman, Executive Creative Director, Wieden & Kennedy

“David, thank you for curating and moderating 4 superbly executed sessions for Today At Apple. Last night was incredible and super inspiring for everyone. I am definitely looking forward to streaming the podcast episode we created as soon as it’s available!”

Melodie Bui, Today at Apple co-ordinator, Apple

“David delivered a fantastic talk as part of our Masterclass programme, giving attendees a unique perspective on building a business rooted in creativity. He adapted it for the audience and made sure to pull in references he knew would resonate, and it landed brilliantly with the group. ”

Victoria Foster, Head of Learning, D&AD

“It was a pleasure to work with David, who delivered a series of inspirational talks for young people on a tour across the UK. We had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from students after each presentation. The talks provided valuable insight into overcoming the challenges of a creative career. David was careful to cover aspects of entrepreneurship that are seldom taught at university and answer any questions that the students had. In fact, on more than one occasion he stayed on after the event to make sure that every question was answered. I really hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.”

James Ihezue, Marketing Manager, Adobe

“David captivates and engages an audience with such ease. While his life story is memorable on its own, he offers so much more than great storytelling. His keynotes include compelling points of reflection and encouragement to learn from life events. Equally I found it so easy to work with him so that our audience could more easily translate his provocations into improving business performance”

Teresa Kotlicka, VP of People & Organisational Development, Sony Music