John Briffa, Dr.

Practising Doctor, Author, Journalist, Speaker and Trainer

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  • Author of nine books, including “A Great Day at the Office”, Dr. Briffa provides practical guidance for optimising energy and performance, particularly for business professionals
  • A former columnist for the Daily Mail and The Observer, and a contributing editor for Men’s Health magazine, has contributed to over 50 international newspaper and magazine titles
  • As a leading authority, he focuses on empowering individuals with actionable information to control their health and optimize energy


Dr John Briffa is a practising medical doctor, author and international speaker. He is prize-winning graduate of University College London School of Medicine, and also holds a BSc degree in Biomedical Sciences.

Dr Briffa is a leading authority on the impact of nutrition and other lifestyle factors on health and illness. His focus is on providing individuals with information and advice they can use to take control of their health and optimise their energy and vitality.

Dr Briffa is a former columnist for the Daily Mail and the Observer, and former contributing editor for Men’s Health magazine. He has contributed to over 50 newspaper and magazine titles internationally, and is a previous recipient of the Health Journalist of the Year award in the UK.

Dr Briffa has authored nine books including A Great Day at the Office (Harper Collins 2014), a practical guide to optimising energy and performance for business professionals. He is the director of Dr Briffa Wellness, a specialist consultancy that provides speaking and training services to organisations and business professionals around the world. Clients include Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Reuters, IBM, Bank of England, Morgan Stanley, Baker and Mackenzie, Bovis Lendlease, Danone, Clifford Chance, Eversheds, GE Money, GE Capital, BP, Skandia, SSL International and Norton Rose Fulbright.


Wellbeing Webinars with Dr John Briffa

Prime Fuel

  • Nutritional strategies for ensuring stable levels of energy throughout the day, with no ‘mid-afternoon slump’.
  • The true importance of hydration, and the two keys to ensure our individual needs are met here with ease.
  • Why alcohol is a ‘double-edged sword’, and how to manage consumption effectively and without deprivation.
  • Simple approaches to avoiding unnecessary eating and mindless snacking at home.
  • A simple conceptual approach to healthy eating that anyone can adapt to their own preferences and tastes.

Super Sleep

  • The role sleep has in preparing us physiologically and psychologically for optimal wellbeing and performance.
  • Two common but little-known factors that can wreck sleep quality, and how to solve them with ease.
  • The relationship between light and sleep, and how to get the right sort of light exposure at the right time.
  • Why sleep needs are highly individual and can change from time-to-time, and how to gauge our own needs very easily.
  • Why it really is possible to ‘catch up on sleep’ when necessary, and the most effective strategies for this

Functional Fitness

  • How to build and maintain muscle strength using body weight only and in only a few minutes each day.
  • The one piece of exercise equipment that is cheap, small and useful for everyone in the home including young children.
  • How to use exercise equipment (such as an exercise bike, treadmill, cross-trainer or rower) to get a highly effective workout in just 10 minutes.
  • Simple routines for maintaining flexibility and mobility.
  • The under-recognised mental barrier to exercise, and how to surmount this.

Keep Calm and Carry On

  • The science of stress – what’s going on in the body and brain during stress, and why this can be both ‘good’ and ‘bad’.
  • During periods of stress, the mental approaches that are effective in managing our emotions, supporting our thinking, and enhancing resourcefulness.
  • The daily ‘mental exercises’ that can forge patterns of thinking to support overall performance, resilience and contentedness.
  • How to use physiological based approaches to support overall wellbeing and resilience.


  • How different breathing patterns affect the level of physiological stress in the body.
  • What research tells us about how controlling our breathing effects mood and thinking.
  • A simple breathing exercise for inducing calm and alertness.
  • A daily breathing exercise to optimise both physiological and psychological functioning.
  • An advanced breathing technique for boosting wellbeing and exercise performance.

8 Things To Do Before 8.00

  • 5 strategies for optimising energy early in the day that help drive performance throughout the whole day.
  • How to make the best use of what can seem like a limited amount of time to ‘get stuff done’.
  • The pitfalls of ‘multi-tasking’, and 3 key concepts for boosting focus, concentration and the ability to ‘stick to the task’.
  • A simple morning thinking exercise that can set the right mental tone and boost focus and resourcefulness.

John Briffa, Dr.


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.

Healthy High Performance

This masterclass with Dr. John Briffa delivers essential insights and proven, practical strategies for optimising your wellbeing, performance, resilience and sustainability. Each of the four sections focuses on a critical area: ​

  • EMOTIONAL REGULATION – how to support and enhance thinking, mood, mindset and resilience
  • ENERGY – how to lift and sustain levels of vitality and wellbeing
  • ENVIRONMENT – how to optimise workspace at home or office to maintain wellbeing and boost performance
  • EXECUTION – how to manage workload, eliminate distractions and maintain focus to maximise output and productivity



  • A Great Day at the Office – simple strategies to maximise your energy and get more done more easily (4th Estate – 2014)Escape the Diet Trap  (4th Estate – 2012)Waist Disposal  (Hay House – 2010)

    The True You Diet  (Hay House – 2007)

    Natural Health for Kids  (Penguin – 2005)

    Ultimate Health  (Penguin – June 2002)

    BodyWise  (Cico Books – 2000)

    Better Health through Natural Remedies (Marshall – 1999)

    Food for Health (Marshall – 1998)


“John ran a half-day seminar on healthy working for our team of 30 multinational Consultants. He is a lively, amusing, provocative and convincing speaker who prompts debate both in the session and long afterwards – we still hear that things are not “Briffa compliant” weeks after the event. The session covered diet, sleep, exercise, the need for light and effective breathing – all his points are well argued, supported by research results and, ultimately, make intuitive sense. As a result our people actually use what they learned.”

Ian Mann, PwC Switzerland

“Dr Briffa delivered an outstanding session to a senior team of over 150 IBM management consultants at our annual vision and strategy event. He more than lived up to his reputation for delivering insightful, thought-provoking and lifestyle-changing health and nutrition advice to senior corporate staff. His rapid, lucid delivery, combined with his deeply-researched insights, made his session the most popular elective session of the day, with many participants talking long after the event about the impact it had made on their lifestyle. Our most senior executives were particularly energised by his thinking and practical insights and have expressed a keen interest in a follow-up session. Above all, John’s personable warmth and engaging style make him not only a pleasure to listen to, but very easy to work with in shaping the agenda and style of his pitch to suit our audience and programme objectives.”

Andi Britt, Partner, IBM Global Business Services

“John delivered a fantastic and original presentation on effectiveness, nutrition and exercise at one of our regular UK employee lunches.  It was one of the best-attended sessions we have held, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  His style is amusing and engaging, whilst he challenges many of the ‘usual’ opinions around healthy eating and living. I would strongly recommend his talks to anyone who has the chance to book or attend one. The presentations would work well on company offsites, team days or additions to board meetings and we are looking at all of these forums to let others hear his important messages.”

Dominic Magee, Director, Bridgepoint

“Dr Briffa spoke on diet and general health tips for nearly 3 hours at our conference in Berlin. Against all odds he kept a mixed and demanding audience of around 120 people totally engaged: his energetic and humorous delivery style demands attention. Even more impressively, our delegates walked away buzzing with new ideas about how to improve their health and still refer to the session over a year later – a highly memorable morning.”

David Adams, Global Head of Finance & Capital Markets, Clifford Chanc

“In an industry populated with individuals with ‘brochure knowledge’ of health and nutrition, Dr John Briffa was a breath of fresh air in giving us an insight into how to improve our health, wellness and vitality.”

Ian Bolger, Bolgers

“If John would have chosen to be a management consultant like us, his trademark would be 80-20, quick wins and convincing presentations. If you like tangible output out from little input, John’s convincing presentation could prove to be the quickest sanity check on the sustainability of your lifestyle ever. Expect to walk out with some simple tricks that will make a real difference to your energy and effectiveness.”

Robert Bexell, Head of UK practice, RWE Consulting

“John spoke at our restructuring away-day. His talk was enlightening, thought-provoking, educational and, of course, humorous. All together this means there is a real chance of changing peoples lives for the better which is ever more important these days.”

Neville Kahn, Head of Corporate Finance, Deloitte

“John Briffa is a total one off. A quite short, dark doctor with an interesting Professor Brainstorm haircut who goes on stage at our conferences and then knocks them dead with his unique blend of science, common sense and humour. He scores right at the top on speaker feedback, and senior businessmen have been known to act on and benefit from his advice long after hearing him.”

Matthew Gwyther, Editor, Management Today