Elaine Burke

Award-Winning Science & Technology Journalist & Broadcaster, ‘For Tech’s Sake’ Podcast Host

why book elaine?

  • Helps audiences to understand trends in innovation and technology in real terms (beyond the hype), and to be more informed and empowered when engaging with tech
  • Award-winning Irish media professional, shares insights on innovation and technology, going beyond hype to empower audiences with practical knowledge
  • Hosts the informative podcast “For Tech’s Sake”, offering a grounded perspective on tech developments for informed decision-making


Elaine Burke is an award-winning Irish media professional with more than 15 years’ experience in print, online and broadcast media. Best known for her work as a leading science and technology journalist, she served as editor of Silicon Republic and is a regular contributor on these topics for radio and television.

Now working as a freelance journalist, broadcaster and consultant, she also hosts For Tech’s Sake, a podcast that goes beyond the hype of tech developments to bring listeners the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. She also brings her insights on the sci-tech industries to bear as an experienced panellist, moderator, MC and keynote speaker.

Elaine has also been a member of executive leadership teams leading on projects involving web development, content strategy, remote work, automation and overall operations. Throughout her career she has trained 21st-century editorial teams to meet the demands of online publishing.


AI & U: Beyond the Hype

What you need to know about AI and how to use it

AI is the talk of the tech world and beyond ever since the surging interest in OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot. With the technology’s pioneers driving the conversation, hype and hyperbole have taken hold. It’s time for frank talking on AI, its capabilities and its limitations.

This talk can cover:

  • What is AI and how generative AI differs from what we’ve known before
  • Why the language we use around AI is flawed and needs fixing
  • Job displacement, upskilling and the future of work

What’s Next in Tech

The trends in tech and innovation to watch

No one wants to be left behind, but with tech developments coming thick and fast, sometimes it helps to have a guide. You don’t need to look into a crystal ball to spot the trends in the industry and see where the shifts are coming.

This talk can cover the broad strokes of a number of trends or focus in on key areas such as:

  • AI investment and development
  • No-code and low-code development
  • Regulation and ‘The Brussels Effect’ (with a primer on the EU’s AI Act, Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act)
  • API access shutdowns and their impact on the open web
  • Decentralisation of social media and a return to community-led moderation
  • Trust and verification
  • Data waste and sustainable digital transformation

Ireland and STEM: Past, Present and Future

A look back and look ahead at Ireland’s role in the global STEM economy

Ireland has a rich history in STEM that predates the days when the world’s biggest tech giants decided to set out their stall here. In the present day, Ireland has many advantages, such as being an English-speaking EU member state positioned between the US and Europe, but there are also challenges ahead that threaten this prime positioning.

This talk can cover:

  • 20 years of Ireland’s knowledge economy
  • An overview of Ireland’s sci-tech ecosystem
  • How we stopped exporting great tech entrepreneurs and started cultivating them
  • Challenges ahead: tech’s ‘rightsizing’ and job losses; Ireland’s dwindling reputation as a good place to live and work
  • Opportunities: growth areas suited to Ireland’s ecosystem

Elaine Burke


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Book Cover of Silicon Docks, edited by Pamela Newenham, contributed to by Elaine Burke


“Elaine was an excellent moderator for our panel discussion on ‘Entrepreneurship for Women in Technology’ at The Digital Hub. As an experienced journalist covering science and technology news for many years she was perfectly placed to guide our panel of speakers through a really thought-provoking discussion for our audience. She had all the latest facts and figures to hand and asked exactly the right questions of our panellists. Afterwards it was great to feel the energy and buzz in the room with people continuing to chat about the many talking points. Elaine is clearly so passionate about ‘all things tech’ from new technologies, online safety and public policy to gadgets and tech billionaires! She can connect all the dots and really engage an audience. Whether as an MC, panel moderator or keynote speaker we look forward to working with Elaine again in the future.”

Melissa Meehan, Marketing & Communications Manager, The Digital Hub

“Elaine is one of Ireland’s most knowledgeable commentators on science and technology. She has an amazing ability to convert complex themes into relevant, tangible and meaningful messages for audiences. Her innate curiosity and obvious passion makes for engaging conversations.”

Áine Kerr, broadcaster and entrepreneur

“We were fortunate to have Elaine Burke as our keynote speaker at the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Centres for Research Training – Future Professional Skills Showcase event. Her deep understanding of the past, present and future of the tech industry in Ireland, combined with her insights on the skills sought after by employers, inspired our audience of PhD researchers, giving them a sense of the current landscape and job prospects in Ireland.”

Janet Choi, SFI CRT in AI Programme Manager and Senior Research Coordinator; and Luis Gomez de Membrillera, SFI ADVANCE CRT Programme Manager and Senior.Research Coordinator

“Elaine, as the MC for the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Dublin event, artfully moderated a panel discussion on the ethical impacts of AI, offering insightful commentary and keeping the event flowing smoothly. Her exceptional skills and engaging presence elevated the overall experience, leaving a lasting impact on attendees.”

Jenny Corcoran, Women in Data Science (WiDS) ambassador