Enda McNulty

Former All Star Gaelic Football Player and High-Performance Coach in Business and Sport

why book enda?

  • Enda’s journey with the Armagh Football team, evolving from underdogs to All Ireland Champions, forms a compelling backdrop for his motivational talks
  • As a former professional coaching director for a major GAA club in Dublin, Enda brings a wealth of leadership and coaching expertise
  • Enda’s motivational sessions, enriched with sports anecdotes and corporate insights, leave a lasting impression, inspiring teams to exceed current performance levels


Performance coach and motivational speaker Enda McNulty has played for the Armagh Football team since 1996. He has played with the team right through their development from the “whipping boys” of Ulster football through to being All Ireland Champions in 2002. Enda takes his experience from his sporting career and delivers many presentations and workshops linking the similarities it takes to be successful in sport, business and life.

Enda received a degree in Psychology and completed a masters in Sports Science, however he continually reminds people that he got the majority of his education on the playing fields of Queens University or in the trenches with Armagh. He later was employed as professional coaching director for one of the biggest GAA clubs in Dublin, and along the way he applied the teachings of Vince Lombardy and Phil Jackson.

Enda currently advises a number of world class athletes and rugby players, providing them with the necessary mental skills to achieve their potential. He also advises some of Irelands most successful business people in the area of performance excellence.


Enda will provide your company with a motivational session that is sure to make a lasting impact. He will link case studies and stories from the world of sport, with what happens for you on the corporate pitch. He will inspire you and your team to go above and beyond your current performance. Most importantly he will ensure that you leave the session feeling energised physically and mentally. The sessions he has done with companies like KelloggsEbay and Ulster Bank have created a a very positive and lasting impact.


  • High Performance Teams
  • Performance Coaching
  • Culture
  • Mental Toughness
  • Growth Mindset
  • Wellbeing
  • Resilience
  • Advisory

Enda McNulty


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“The content could not have been more appropriate. Enda’s ability to draw on such a range of examples in thinking about how to realize potential, covering sports, the corporate and community sectors as well as local and international context gave all the students a point of reference. Enda has such an engaging style and managed to quickly establish a connection with the students as individuals. This is vital in creating a space where perspectives can be tested in a supportive, collaborative way. This session was a tremendous addition to this year’s programme.”

Dr Annelies Kamp, Programme Coordinator, School of Education, Dublin City University

“I just wanted to say that Enda was brilliant yesterday he really delivered on message.”

Gillian French, Chief of Staff, Cartrawler