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Georgie Crawford

Qualified Health Coach, Founder of The Good Glow, Bestselling Author

why book georgie?

  • Georgie Crawford founded “The Good Glow,” a prominent health and wellness brand, and hosts award-winning podcasts with over 10 million downloads
  • Through her brand, podcasts, coaching, and book, Georgie advocates for holistic wellness and inspires positive life transformations
  • Graduating from Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program in 2022, Georgie guides clients and listeners to improve nutrition, habits, and overall wellness
Georgie Crawford black and white profile photo


Georgie Crawford is the founder of one of Ireland’s leading health and wellness brands, The Good Glow. She is also the host of the award winning podcasts, “The Good Glow” & “Soul Sisters”, which have over 10 million downloads. Georgie created these shows as she feels there is a need for people to have more in depth conversations about our health and wellbeing in order to drive awareness of self care and make positive changes in our lives.

In 2022, Georgie Crawford qualified as a Health Coach, graduating from Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program. She has been trained to educate and guide clients to make behavioural changes resulting in improved nutrition, dietary habits, and physical ability and overall greater health and wellness.

Georgie Crawford black and white profile photo

All of these learnings and experiences brought Georgie to write her debut book in 2023, ‘Glow; Five Steps to Create The Life You Dream’. The book was a bestseller, and spent 4 weeks at number 1 in the Irish non fiction charts


“1% more”

Georgie discusses how she put her life back together following her cancer diagnosis, the changes she has made in her recovery, her new perspective on the world and how she created Ireland’s most successful health podcast.

Georgie is always asked how we can change without being diagnosed with a life changing illness, where can we find the motivation?

Her answer is always the same. It’s all about healthy habits. In telling her story, Georgie explains how simple changes and a different perspective can transform your life. How self care and self awareness can put you on the right path. And how investing in yourself can lead to a wonderful life full of happiness and success.

Georgie Crawford


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.

Gratitude Session

This is a corporate group session (typically at the end of a busy quarter or year) where Georgie will bring everyone together and encourage staff to congratulate themselves on their hard work, remind them of all they have to be grateful for and create a safe space where colleagues can share and give thanks to each other.

This open forum encourages group collaboration, empathy between staff and positivity within the business. It will encourage team bonding and support. It will motivate participants to reset, so they can start the coming year/quarter fresh.

Within this session, Georgie will give your team the tools to establish a wellbeing framework that’s easy to implement in their lives going forward.




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“Georgie Crawford’s authenticity radiates through her presentation, creating a connection that transcends the average speaker-audience dynamic. Through the telling of her personal health journey, she prompts attendees to reflect on their own lives and encourages positive change, making her an excellent addition to any team building or corporate event.”

Rosaleen McMeel, Jobbio

“We recently had the pleasure of hearing Georgie speak about her truly inspiring story and the importance of really looking after yourself and your wellbeing. Georgie spoke passionately about the power of positivity and it really resonated with a lot of our colleagues. It was amazing to see her courage and bravery as she spoke – we’ve had some really great feedback from all involved on the day.”

Saoirse Allen, Senior Marketing Exec, Bank of Ireland

“Georgie has done a number of corporate talks on our behalf. Her story is so inspirational and she delivers her talk in a very moving and positive way. Engagement and feedback are always excellent and her mindset throughout her journey is admirable.”

Nicola Shields, B2B Marketing Manager, VHI

“I am thrilled to provide a glowing testimonial for Georgie Crawford, who delivered a truly remarkable keynote speech during Meta’s Mental Wellbeing Week. Working with Georgie was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Georgie’s keynote was nothing short of inspirational and the feedback we received following Georgie’s talk was overwhelmingly positive. I wholeheartedly recommend Georgie Crawford as a speaker for any event or organisation. Her honesty, professionalism, engaging style, and powerful insights make her a standout presenter. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Georgie”

Rachel Roe, Internal Communications, Meta

“Georgie is an inspirational person who by sharing her story and journey in such an engaging way left us all in attendance in awe of her strength and determination. An hour well spent for all those who lead busy lives, reminding us to focus on our personal wellbeing.”

Gareth McCluskey, Director, Davy Wealth Management