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Ian McClean

Founder of Flow Consulting, Change Expert and ‘Performance Doctor’. Helping Businesses to Perform Even Better.

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  • As chief racing correspondent for the Sunday Independent for over two decades, Ian balanced successful consultancies with his deep-rooted passion for horse racing
  • Recognising early the importance of authentic living and leading, Ian seamlessly blended his passions for human behaviour and horse racing in his professional life
  • At Flow Consulting, Ian pioneers a tailored approach, co-creating solutions with clients, utilising codified wisdom and knowledge for building organisational excellence
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Founder of Flow Consulting (UK& Ire), and co-founder of Flow International and GreenLine Conversations, in his teens Ian figured out that he wasn’t going to work at anything he didn’t love. He feels lucky to have recognised early that living—and in his work, leading—authentically has allowed him to perform at his best:  to be ‘in flow.’

As a result, his two great passions, human behavior and horse racing, were able to find full expression in his professional life. So not only did he establish a series of successful consultancies, but for over two decades he was chief racing correspondent for the Sunday Independent. This experience underpins his commitment to helping create similarly optimal conditions for ‘flow’ within the organisations he works with.

At Flow Consulting, Ian has pioneered a tailored approach that involves co-creating solutions with each client.

This is done by a community of people who help clients to codify the wisdom and knowledge that they carry, often unknowingly, through life and into the workplace. Once it’s codified into a suite of tools and instruments, it’s applied to help build centres of excellence within organisations around M&A, Leadership, Executive Coaching, Executive Team Alignment, Change Management & Strategy.

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On stage, Ian is a highly engaging speaker with an open, genuine yet authoritative manner.  His insights into the human aspects of performance as they manifest in everyday interactions resonate strongly with audiences, while his experience-led content, based on a mix of professional anecdote and developments in neuroscience, makes him credible and approachable.


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Ian McClean


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