Ian Thomas

Lion Tracker, Author of The Power of the Pride

why book ian?

  • Ian is a distinguished wildlife guide, holding the rare ‘Scout’ qualification, and seamlessly blends his expertise in nature with compelling storytelling and teaching, creating a unique speaking experience
  • With captivating visuals, roaring sounds, humour, and vivid storytelling, Ian’s presentations engage the senses, leaving audiences enthralled and eager to share the experience
  • Ian believes in extracting business insights from nature, linking sound business sense to the principles observed in the natural world, offering a fresh perspective on teamwork, goals, and risk management


After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Business, he followed is calling and worked as a wildlife guide in Southern Africa, specializing in tracking lions. Ian attained the highest tracking and guiding qualification possible, that of ‘Scout’, awarded to him by The Field Guides Association of South Africa. ‘The award recognises excellence in guiding in big game areas, weapon handling, and tracking. He was the first person to achieve this distinction.

During his time as a guide he discovered that he had a talent for teaching and story telling which led to a career in public speaking. Once of his core beliefs is that people have a lot to learn from nature. Sound business sense is linked to a knowledgeable insight into how nature thrives. His presentations assault the senses with stunning photographs, thunderous roars, humour, and an ability to tell and act out the story.

Audiences leave enthralled, and repeat the stories to friends and colleagues, which further entrenches the message and results in immense take-home business value.

He is a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows discussing subjects such as teamwork, goals, and how to minimise risk. Ian is a member of the National Speakers Association (USA). He is known for a sound business message and is recognised internationally as one of the world’s top motivators and keynote speakers.


Ian has worked with clients around the world such as Sanlam, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Murray and Roberts, Grinaker Construction, Wooltru, Nedbank, Transvaal Cricket Team, Springbok Rugby Team; MUSE (US hospital software user group), TMI (UK), Glynwed Metals (UK), Bachrach (US), Cisko (Europe & UK), Eagle Star (UK), Canada Life (UK and Canada), Sigma (Australia), Colonial (Australia)

He has featured in many local and international management magazines, and is also one of South Africa’s foremost wildlife photographers.


The Power of the Pride

How Lessons From Lions Can teach You to Create Successful Business Teams.

The pride structure developed on the great grassy savannahs of Africa, a veld rumbling with wild animals, where even today roam vast herds of antelope and zebra. Lions evolved alongside the herds and the interaction between hunter, hunted, and competitor forged them into teams of superbly effective hunters and fighters. These teams collectively known as prides flourished and they are emerged as a potent example of teamwork for maximum effect.

Ian also presents on subjects such as:

  • Teamwork
  • Goals and Strategy
  • How to Mininise Risk

Ian Thomas


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The Power of the Pride – 1992


“You managed to combine the timing of a professional comedian with the skills of a professional mime artist. You obviously had a complete mastery of your subject matter, but what came over above all, was your passion for your subject combined with a desire to use that knowledge and passion to communicate to your audience. It was funny, riveting and inspirational all at the same time”

Clive Panto of Clive Panto Productions UK

“We were all hugely pleased with the success of last week’s event. The feedback here is that it was by far the best conference we’ve ever had. Ian Thomas went down a storm so a great recommendation.”

Alessia Melli, UnumProvident