Jacki Davis

Journalist and Professional Moderator of high-level events in the EU

why book jacki?

  • With 21 years in Brussels, Jacki Davis is an accomplished journalist and editor, having served as Communications Director of the European Policy Centre and Editor-in-Chief of E!Sharp magazine
  • Jacki excels in moderating high-profile events for diverse organisations, ensuring lively and interactive debates. Her moderation extends to conferences organised by EU institutions, presidencies, and major companies
  • Jacki has moderated conferences for various European Commission Directorates-General, EU presidencies, the European Parliament, international organisations, businesses, NGOs, and regional entities


Jacki Davis is an experienced journalist, speaker and moderator of high-level events both in Brussels and in EU national capitals, the editor of many publications, a regular broadcaster on television and radio news programmes, and a Senior Adviser to the European Policy Centre think tank. Jacki has been based in Brussels for 21 years, and was previously Communications Director of the European Policy Centre think tank; Editor-in-Chief of E!Sharp magazine; and launch editor of European Voice, the Brussels-based weekly newspaper owned by The Economist.

Jacki has moderated many conferences in Brussels and in EU Member States, and also has extensive experience in planning events. She can provide not only top-quality moderation of the event itself and ensure lively and highly interactive debates, but also advice and guidance on how to plan a successful event, how to frame the debate and brief speakers to deliver the desired outcomes etc.

Events which Jacki has moderated include conferences organised by:

  • European Commission Directorates-General, including DG Communications; Development & Cooperation; Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion; Connect; Internal Market and Services; Health and Consumers; Regional Policy; Research and Innovation; Move; Taxation and Customs
  • Swedish, Belgian, Polish, Danish and Cypriot Presidencies of the European Union
  • European Parliament
  • European Investment Bank
  • European Defence Agency
  • Committee of the Regions
  • European Economic and Social Committee
  • International Energy Agency
  • International Labour Organisation
  • BusinessEurope
  • European Trade Union Confederation
  • Leading companies and business organisations including Accenture, ACEA, the American Chamber of Commerce, Amway, ActivHouse, Barilla, BASF, BP, CEEMET, Coabisco, Confederation of Danish Industry, DHL, EUCAR, Europabio, European Association of Cooperative Banks, European Gaming and Betting Association, EUCAR, European Round Table of Industrialists, Federation of European Accountants, Federmeccanica, FoodDrinkEurope, GlaxoSmithKline, McDonalds, Microsoft, Novartis, Philips, Scania,  Solvay, Swiss Bankers Association, Veolia, the Volvo Group, Volvo Car Corporation
  • European Policy Centre, King Baudouin Foundation, Robert Bosch Stiftung
  • NGOs including Solidar, Friends of the Earth and Oxfam
  • A wide range of regional organisations in Brussels


“Thank you very much for the excellent moderation, you helped immensely with getting our messages out and putting our speakers at ease, which both contributed to the success of our event. I wish you all the best and hope that we will get the chance to work together again.”

Éda G. Pogány, Sustainability & Communications Lead, Syngenta Field Crop Seeds, EAME


“It becomes very apparent, watching you at work, how critical the role of moderator is in terms of focusing the debate, keeping it lively and engaging and, in short, making a good event great.”

Andrew Hollingsworth, Novartis and Noelle Vonthron, GlaxoSmithKline


“Thank you, Jacki – you were brilliant. Lots of people have been asking “where did we get her from?” and were very impressed.”

Ruth Nugent, Directorate-General for Regional Policy, European Commission


“In ensuring all the speakers kept to time, and in driving panel discussions that were both informative and stimulating, your contribution was critical to the success of the event. We have received very positive feedback on the event, with many participants making specific reference to the part played by the first-rate moderator.”

Stine Andresen, Director, EEA and Norway Grants


“Thank you for an event very well moderated, with great brio and bravado…All the praise goes to you for your enthusiasm and skill, for your thorough preparation and your willingness to familiarise yourself with these issues.”

Bengt Magnusson, Swedenergy AB

“Thank you so much for committing your time and skill to moderating a session at the Belgo-British Conference. We know it is a bit like being the conductor of an orchestra in which the soloists get most of the limelight, but both they and the participating audience could easily go astray without firm and tactful direction. You provided the essential leadership which contributed hugely to what all participants thought was a profitable and enjoyable occasion.”

Sir Stephen Wall and Ambassador Lode Willems, Co-Chairs, Belgo-British Conference


“Thank you so much for your “animation” of the workshop. You created a nice and convivial atmosphere which helped people communicate in a genuine and spontaneous manner.”

Francis Whyte, Directorate-General for Communications, European Commission


“In my professional life, I did not encounter too many people like you, who are on the one hand working extremely professionally and on the other hand have a good sense of humour.”

Uwe Combűchen, Secretary General, CEEMET (Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based Industries)


“Your skill in making sure that the flow of the Congress ran smoothly over the course of the two half-days was greatly appreciated, as was your ability to pull together the key strands of previous sessions for discussion in the wrap-up.”

Mella Frewen, Director General, FoodDrinkEurope


“You did a great job in handling everything we threw at you, from reading up on a new subject to dealing with ever-growing panels, and all the comments we have received so far have been very positive.”

Susanne Connolly, Mission of Canada to the EU