Jamie Heaslip

Jamie Heaslip

Former Irish Rugby International and British & Irish Lion

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  • Jamie’s rugby success is attributed to unwavering commitment, focus, and a drive to deliver his best, principles he applies across all aspects of life
  • With a keen interest in business and technology, Jamie sees parallels between high-performing teams in sports and businesses, applying lessons learned from the rugby field to various ventures
  • Dedicated patron of GOAL and the ISPCC, Jamie is actively involved in several charities, showcasing a commitment to making a f
Jamie Heaslip


Jamie Heaslip’s success as rugby international is largely down to his absolute commitment, focus and drive to deliver the best of himself, a philosophy he lives by in everything he does.

He believes that great results come from having a plan and sticking to it. As a rugby international he earned himself quite the reputation in the high performing professional rugby world. Winning titles with both Ireland and Leinster, has taught him a lot about what it takes to be successful in business, sports and trying to reach personal goals. Planning for success is key.

Jamie Heaslip has always had a keen interest in business and technology and through his own experiences and business ventures he sees many parallels between high performing teams in sport and in businesses.

He has taken what he has learnt on the sports field and applied these learnings to different businesses outside of sport. “This approach has seen me balancing my life, allowing me to invest time and money in start-up businesses while remaining competitive in professional sport”.

Jamie Heaslip

Jamie has applied his experience in the hospitality and technology sectors which he hugely enjoys. He is involved in several charities both at home and abroad. He is a dedicated patron of GOAL, and the ISPCC.

Jamie has spoken at international events such as the Web Summit and Sponsorship Summit amongst others. He is passionate about high performing teamwork and enjoys sharing his experiences with corporate audiences using his own experiences and answering questions from business audiences.


High Performing Teams

Commitment to yourself and your Team

Know your Goal and make a plan

Lessons from Professional Sport

Jamie Heaslip


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