Jeremy White

Jeremy White

Executive Editor, UK edition of WIRED Magazine

why book jeremy?

  • As Wired’s Executive Editor, Jeremy travels worldwide to source and evaluate cutting-edge design and tech innovations, providing audiences with a firsthand glimpse into the future
  • With over 5 years as Wired’s Product Editor, Jeremy leads the GEAR section, testing and highlighting the very best in innovative products, from smartphones and wearables to supercars and architecture
  • Writing for over a decade, Jeremy contributes as the technology expert for Telegraph Luxury and Harrods, offering a comprehensive understanding of tech and design trends
Jeremy White


Jeremy White has spent the last five years as Product Editor for Wired seeking out and evaluating products at the very cutting edge of innovation and design. Now, as an Executive Editor, he edits Wired’s GEAR section, which highlights and tests the very best in ‘Wired’ products from smartphones to wearables, nano drones to supercars, interiors to architecture.

His expansive knowledge of the product world and forecasting design and tech trends has seen him be commissioned for consultancy services to some of the world’s largest consumer brands on industrial design and user experience.  

He has been writing about technology and design for more than 10 years and is also currently the technology expert for Telegraph Luxury and Harrods.

Jeremy White

Before Wired, Jeremy was digital editor for ‘How To Spend It’ at the Financial Times, and prior to that was technology editor at Esquire magazine. Jeremy appears regularly on the BBC and Sky News representing the magazine.  

Jeremy curates the live product experiences at Wired’s events, charged with bringing together exclusive displays showcasing the latest developments in automotive, technology, design and art.


Technology Trends


Internet of  Things, & the Possible Future


Luxury Technology & the Future of Luxury Brands


Artificial Intelligence


3D Printing & Maker Culture


Product Innovation


Quantum Computing


Retail Disruption

Wearables and Health tech

Autonomous Cars & Transport

Cyber Security


Industrial Design


Crowd-Funding Culture

Fashion Technology

Jeremy White


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“Jeremy’s talk on the developing tech landscape looked at core areas of finance, but also charted how AI and machine learning will be fundamentally changing other industries. His case studies were not only relevant but intelligible, elevating the session from mere future-gazing to valuable insight.”

Antonio Simoes, Chief Executive, HSBC Bank


“Jeremy immersed our audience in the exponential technology landscape and bought it to life in an informed and amusing way. His refined speaking style made the complex simple, and generated significant engagement and enthusiasm.”

Louise Brett, Partner, Digital Analytics and Head of Fintech, Deloitte

​”Jeremy did a fantastic job engaging the group and he was always conscious of bringing it back to beauty which made it super relevant for us. He was also obviously very knowledgeable and flexed his presentation based on the varying levels of understanding in the room and the questions that were being asked (which were lots!).”

Sarah Tillotson, Group Marketing Manager, Johnson & Johnson


​“Jeremy gave our research team an insightful and engaging talk on innovation – not just in areas directly relevant to Danone and its core business, but also detailing developments in other fields, that built a coherent picture of how the technology landscape as a whole is changing every industry right now.”

Diego Coraglia, R&D 

“Jeremy is extremely well informed about innovation and technology, and delivered a very thought-provoking presentation. It certainly got me thinking about new ideas!”

James Reed, Chairman of The Reed Group of Companies


“Jeremy gave an informative and engaging presentation at our annual real estate conference considering the impact of AI and robotics, and how this might impact the future of work, logistics, healthcare and many other key areas in our industry.”

Ciaran Carvalho, Head of Real Estate, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang

​”Jeremy did a splendid presentation. We had very good reviews on his insights. His attitude towards our questions about the future was a realistic and practical one. And that was good: no high-rising expectations or fantastic science fiction, but very pragmatic analyses of what will develop further in the future. Would we recommend him to other conferences: yes certainly.”

Gerard van den Broek, NOS (Netherlands Public Broadcasting Company)

​”Fantastic. A very informative talk that was well received by the audience.”

Seraph Science