Jim Fitzpatrick

Journalist and Broadcaster for BBC Northern Ireland

why book jim?

  • Jim’s extensive experience in political journalism, hosting three hours of weekly political coverage, ensures insightful and informed discussions on Northern Ireland politics
  • Having launched the Politics Show and co-hosted extensive election coverage, Jim is a versatile BBC presenter, delivering news and current affairs with depth and clarity
  • Jim’s past as an investigative reporter for UTV and Business Editor at The Irish News enhances his ability to dissect complex issues, offering a thorough understanding to his audience


When he attended night-class while at school to study A Level Politics, Jim Fitzpatrick could not have predicted quite how useful this extra-mural activity would one day become.  His early interest in the subject has been repaid with the challenge of fronting nearly three hours of political coverage each week.

From the machinations of the Assembly each Monday and Tuesday on Stormont Live, to the analysis of the workings of devolved government on The Politics Show, Northern Ireland politics is his bread and butter.

He joined the BBC in 2003 to launch the Politics Show and has since been a regular presenter for news and current affairs on television and radio.  He recently co-hosted BBC Northern Ireland’s seven-hour marathon general election coverage.

Prior to joining the BBC he worked as an investigative reporter for UTV and before that Jim held a number of positions in the Northern Ireland daily, The Irish News, including that of Business Editor.

He maintains a keen interest in business and economic affairs and was instrumental in developing one of Northern Ireland’s leading independent production companies, recently acquired by Bob Geldof’s Ten Alps.


He began his career in local radio as News Editor of a Mid Ulster-based community station and has also spent a year working in corporate PR.

Beyond his broadcasting and journalism duties, Jim is a regular host of conferences, seminars and awards ceremonies such as Habitat for Humanity Gala Fundraiser, Integrated Education Fund Gala, Belfast Business Awards, Craigavon Business Awards, Northern Ireland Local Government Association Annual Conference, Wrap – recycling conference, Community Relations Council Conference, PwC Business Eye – state of the economy discussions

Outside of work, he has a busy life as husband and father of four young children. He plays the piano; is known to cycle to Stormont on occasion; and is sometimes found in the kitchen at home – his speciality being eggs Benedict.