Joe Lynam

Broadcaster & Award Winning Journalist

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  • BBC’s senior Business Correspondent for a decade
  • Winner of Wincott prize for Journalism and Headline Money Award
  • Presenter of ‘Breakfast Business’ on Newstalk and ‘The Newsroom’ on BBC World Service/Radio 4


Joe Lynam is a respected broadcaster, podcaster and moderator who is the business editor at the Irish national station Newstalk. Before that he was the BBC’s senior Business Correspondent for a decade. He continues to present the global current affairs show ‘The Newsroom’ on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service as well as the BBC most downloaded podcast: The Global News Podcast.

Joe has won many awards for his original journalism including the 2018

Headline Money Award for his BBC One exposé of how RBS (GRG) treated many of its own business customers. Joe was also the first to broadcast on BBC Radio 4 a phone fraud (Vishing) in almost real time as an elderly lady unwittingly handed over her life savings to fraudsters. For that, he won the Wincott prize for Journalism in 2016.

He has presented on the Today programme, Newsnight, BBC One Breakfast as well as Five Live and the BBC News Channel.


Disinformation Dangers

How the world is being spun by stateless actors for their own greed as well as rogue governments peddling their own lies.


Are we entering an era of rising trade barriers where national govts compete rather than collaborate. And what does that mean to small open economies?

Auntie’s Agonies

After 21 years at the BBC, Joe Lynam knows a thing or two about how the corporation works and how it’s being bullied by forces massing all around it.

PC World

How we might be living in a world where remote and hybrid working will be the norm but where the digital divide will drive even bigger wedges within society.

Joe Lynam


“Joe moderated a virtual media roundtable for us with more than 100 journalists from across EMEA as well as an online social event. When faced with technical difficulties during the events, he masterfully bridged the situation with professionalism and wit. Joe also superbly demonstrated how to pull diverse panelists into a coherent narrative, doing an outstanding job guiding the discussion and summarising the conclusions. Without hesitation I would use Joe for future events.”

Eike Croucher, Head of Communications, BASF Agriculture

“Joe was a perfect moderator to host eu-LISA’s first virtual conference. He handled the complex topic of interoperability effortlessly, making the event engaging for the audience and putting the speakers at ease at the same time. Throughout the preparation Joe was dedicated to make the conference a success: he thoroughly researched the topic and the speakers as well as supported the organisers with valuable tips for online events. Being always responsive, reliable and humorous, Joe was an absolute pleasure to work with.

eu-LISA (European agency which connects Justice and Home Affairs databases)

“Joe is exceptional. He delivered one of the best Keynotes that our audience has ever seen at our events. His ability to present complex content and be reactive to current news is second to none. Full of energy, entertainment and insight – and the audience were hooked! Not only was he well received by the audience, he is a really nice guy. Joe is easy to work with, personable and spent extra time talking to all the enthusiastic people who wanted to meet with him afterwards. We have already booked him again for our next event after the positive feedback we received.”

Zoe Lacey-Cooper, Event Director Accountex