Jolanta Burke

Jolanta Burke, Dr.

Author, Researcher, and Positive Pscychologist

why book jolanta?

  • Jolanta, Ireland’s foremost Positive Psychologist, applies expertise to enhance well-being, recognised for profound contributions
  • Commissioned during the pandemic, Jolanta’s reports on school communities’ resilience became pivotal insights for management organisations
  • She is author of several impactful books, including “The Ultimate Guide to Implementing Wellbeing Programmes for School” and “Positive Psychology and School Leadership”
Jolanta Burke


Jolanta is a chartered psychologist and a researcher specializing in Positive Psychology. She is an assistant professor at Maynooth University. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she was commissioned by various management organisations including the Department of Education, to publish some of the main reports in Ireland on how school communities coped with Covid and the impact it had on their wellbeing.

She is a highly engaging and passionate speaker who has delivered talks and keynotes at many conferences in Ireland, UK, other European countries, Canada and the US. She is published in various psychological and popular magazines and appears in the Irish media regularly (e.g. RTEToday FMIrish TimesIrish Independent).

Jolanta Burke

Jolanta has extensive business experience and has collaborated with many organizations such as Google, IBEC, Big Lottery Fund, DTZ, Primerica. Jolanta is the Author of three books ‘The ultimate Guide to Implementing Wellbeing Programmes for School’, ‘Positive Psychology and School Leadership: The New Science of Positive Educational Leadership’ and ‘Happiness after 30: The Paradox of Aging’. Her next book ‘Positive Leadership: 2.0” will be published soon with Routledge.


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“I attended Jolanta’s Masterclass in Positive Psychology. It was fantastic. Jolanta proved to be a real expert in the subject and provided many valuable tools and techniques that has already transformed my personal levels of happiness and fulfillment. My own clients have also benefitted considerably from this valuable learning experience. Jolanta has a wonderfully warm and friendly style of presenting that compliments the subject matter perfectly.”

Mick Rock, Motivational Speaker


“Uplifting, inspiring and insightful are some of the words I would use to describe Jolanta’s keynote address at the Institute of Guidance Counsellors 2015 Annual Conference. Her expertise, combined with the confidence and conviction with which she delivered her address, were testimony to the benefits of positive psychology. Thanks for the very valuable insights, Jolanta!”

Nicky O’Brien

“Jolanta is an energetic and committed facilitator with an in depth evidence based knowledge of the field of Positive Psychology. Jolanta tailored the Positive Psychology workshop to the needs of the audience of HE careers professionals. A facilitator who practices what she teaches a great role model in this field.” 

Oirlaith Tunney, Trinity College Dublin


“Jolanta delivered a highly impactful series of Positive Psychology and Happiness at Work sessions as part of our Learning at Work Day this year. Feedback was outstanding with one delegate reporting it was the most impactful thing she’d ever been involved in. Jolanta had a superb grasp of the topic, delivered it in a really vibrant and energetic manner and captivated the audience with her way of putting across a complex subject”

Perry Timms, Big Lottery Fund