black and white head and shoulders shot of Kevin Empey, a middle-aged caucasian male, in three-quarter profile, facing the camera smiling and with his arms crossed

Kevin Empey

HR Most Influential Thinkers list, International Expert on the Future of Work & Award-Winning Author

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  • Director of the Senior Leadership Programme at the Irish Management Institute, Kevin actively contributes to leadership development and education
  • Recognised on the HR Most Influential Thinkers list, his impact extends globally in the areas of Future of Work research, social entrepreneurship, and employment policy contributions
  • Award-winning author of “Thrive In The Future of Work,” contributing valuable insights on Future of Work trends and their implications for organisations and individuals
black and white head and shoulders shot of Kevin Empey, a middle-aged caucasian male, in three-quarter profile, facing the camera smiling and with his arms crossed


Kevin Empey has specialised in organisation development, leadership development and people strategy for over 25 years. He is Founder and Managing Director of WorkMatters, a Future of Work consulting and training firm set up in 2017 to help business leaders, HR practitioners and navigate the changing world of work.Specifically, WorkMatters supports organisations with their Future of Work strategies, change management and enablement programmes.

Kevin is an award winning Author of Thrive In The Future of Work and a regular contributor to international HR and business publications on the Future of Work trends and the implications for organisations and their people. A former Partner of Willis Towers Watson, Kevin is also the Director of the Senior Leadership Programme in the Irish Management Institute.  He was named on the HR Most Influential Thinkers list in 2022.

black and white head and shoulders shot of Kevin Empey, a middle-aged caucasian male, in three-quarter profile, facing the camera smiling and with his arms crossed

Kevin has also received several national and international awards for his contributions to Future of Work research, social entrepreneurship and employment & labour policy.  He has served as a member of TLAC and the Irish Government’s Labour Market Council. Kevin was also the founder and chairman of Worklink, an internationally recognised not for profit, coaching and mentoring organisation set up during the financial crisis to help unemployed jobseekers into full time employment.


Shaping a Successful Hybrid World of Work

The key strategies, practices and habits for successful hybrid and flexible working – the next chapter in shaping the Future of Work

Making sense of the Future of Work

A discussion on the Future of Work – past, present and future. An exploration of the key trends regarding the changing nature of work and the practical implications for organisations, leaders and employees

Shaping the next phase of work – a Leaders Perspective

A leader’s perspective on the changing nature of work. The 4 C’s of the Leader of the Future.

The 5 Dimensions of Strategic Agility for the Organisation of the Future

An outline of the 5 dimensions of strategic agility required to future proof the organisation of the future – organisational, leadership, functional, team and individual.

Personal Agility – the new skills set for the changing world of work

An individual’s perspective on how to adapt and thrive in the future of work. An exploration of the research based mindset and skillset required to navigate the changing world of work

HRs role in the Future of Work

The role of HR in the changing world of work

Kevin Empey


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.

Kevin conducts masterclasses for all of the his listed speaking topics and more, where he provides more in depth models, playbooks and tools to deepen the learning experience for the audience. In some cases this is accompanied (where relevant) with online and digital learning pre-session materials.


Kevin was invaluable in helping us focus and assess the key nsights, learnings and most impactful action areas for the management team and the Board.

Kevin Toland, Chairman Ivert Robotics and Gas Networks Ireland


“I have partnered with Kevin on a wide range of issues and challenges associated with the future of work and on the implications involved for organisations, leaders and employees today.  Whether working with business leaders or with HR leaders and teams, Kevin is highly effective at combining his commercial, HR and leadership development experience in providing relevant insight and practical solutions concerning the changing world of work”

Joe French, Global Talent & Organisational Capability Lead, Microsoft Digital, Services & Success


“WorkMatters facilitated a highly engaging workshop with our Global & International HR teams to explore the future of work and the leadership and HR implications that come with this whole area.  With so much debate around the future of work, WorkMatters helped us to identify the practical organisational and people matters that we can focus on today in order to prepare our organisations,
our leaders and our employees for the opportunities and challenges presented by a rapidly changing workplace.  Workmatters also worked with our HR teams to consider our specific role in this future as well – a very worthwhile and necessary experience”

Cathy Gilmore, Vice President – International HR at Groupon


“By focussing on the practical leadership development and HR management factors associated with the changing workplace and organisational agility, Kevin provides a much needed perspective and service in preparing leaders and their employees for the future of work”.

Kevin Mulcahy, Partner, Future Workplace, Co-author of THE FUTURE WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE


“Kevin understands the culture, leadership and talent challenges associated with organisational change and the evolving world of work and how to translate these into practical actions for moving an organisation forward”

Julie Sinnamon, Former CEO, Enterprise Ireland

“As the world of work changes around us driven by global forces far beyond our control, Kevin Empey creates a route to the understanding of why, what and how leaders need to change in a simple and compelling way that cuts through the hype and complexity to enable action. His engaging approach enables organisational leaders to adapt their underlying knowledge and skills to better lead in the new world of work both now and for the future.”

Chris Roebuck, Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership, Cass Business School London


“With his background in business, strategic HR and Leadership development Kevin effectively combines these qualities in helping to deal with complex business and organisational change.  He is a thought leader on the future of work and in how this evolving area can be translated into actionable leadership and people solutions”

Liam Murray, MSD Ireland Group HR Director


“Most recently I have been engaged with Kevin on the whole area of Organisational Agility and ‘Future of Work ‘, a field in which he is a thought leader with valuable and practical insights which I have been able to bring to a number of the organisations with whom I work. Kevin always brings a commercial, original and practical approach to some of the most critical and complex questions being faced by many organisations today. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any business leaders who are looking to access a unique combination of genuine thought leadership, coupled with a considered but practical approach, to addressing the complex organisational challenges in today’s business environment .”

Niall Saul, Chairman, Symbio Business Solutions, Former CPO & HRD


“Kevin Empey does a masterful job of folding the future into the present in one of the most prevalent settings in life: our work and working life. By focusing on the  rapidly changing nature and future of work, Kevin builds a compelling case for embracing agility for the uncertain and changing business world. His insights, tools, and examples help to turn threat and uncertainty into future opportunity and daily practice.”

Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor of Business, Ross School of Business, Partner, The RBL Group