Leonora Nicholson

Cultural Entrepreneur, Creative Producer & Poet

why book leonora?

  • Leonora founded Unheard Poetry to destigmatise poetry, turning it from a confession to a shared and celebrated experience
  • With the belief that poetry is our oldest art form, Unheard Poetry encourages everyone to engage with it, exploring its potential to enhance understanding, connection, and well-being
  • Unheard Poetry runs workshops as a social prescription, to build relationships, tackle taboos, and teach poetry writing. Poetry becomes a tool for self-understanding, fostering mental health


Unheard Poetry was founded by Leonora Nicholson in 2019 when she performed a poem and many people confessed to her that they wrote poetry too – Why was this a confession? If we are all doing it why are we ashamed?

Unheard Poetry aims to de-stigmatise poetry by reducing barriers to it by translating it into multi-media formats. This started by producing 3 poetry albums that involved readers, sound designers, video designers, and visual artists. Allowing collaboration with poetry as the meeting place. From there we moved into producing engaging, exciting and original workshops and events.

They have run workshops as a social prescription, as a way to build relationships in organisations, as a way to tackle taboo and as a way to learn how to write.

Poetry is a tool that we can use to better understand ourselves, those around us and the way we work. Poetry is our oldest art form, easy to engage with and proven to help us with our mental health – so why isn’t it something we all do?


Reflecting on Decision Making

Every day we make a million decisions, big and small, but how much time do we give to digesting these choices? Through writing we can better understand how we are making choices and how to observe our own behaviours. This can help in personal and professional decisions.
In this session you will:

  • Be lead through exercises to explore your decision making process.
  • Create a piece of writing celebrating your own choices.
  • have time to understand the choices that you have made.
  • Have discussions about others decision making process.

Understanding your Vision and Mission

Throughout life we find ourself in places but have we properly thought about how we got there and what truly matter to us? This highly creative workshop gives space for creative thinking and exploration. Using visualisation tecniques we will discuss where our vision and mission come from, what they mean to us and how we will internalise these things as we move forward.

Creative Writing Workshops

These workshops are various lengths and have been centered around different themes such as Plants, Magic, The Sea, Walking, Clothing and Food. They can be used for resuscitating your passion for writing, trying writing for the first time or as a simple fun activity to try something different.

Building Relationships

This Peer lead workshops allows for shared exploration of the relationships in our lives and how they effect us and we effect them. Participants are guided through a series of questions about how they approach their relationships and given time to share back what they learnt.


This workshops centres around leaving, letting things go and saying goodbye. It is a emotionally centred workshops that gives ceremony and space for a ending- whatever that ending might be. Using creative writing and other poems as examples we curate a safe space to say goodbye

Leonora Nicholson


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.


“I feel about 20 years younger; that was so refreshing!”


“I now have a whole new relationship with poetry”


“I didn’t think I could write poetry – and now I don’t want to stop”


“This was very powerful. It took me somewhere I haven’t been for ages”


“I really enjoyed the challenge”


“It was so great being with those two young women and seeing the world in a different way”


“I never thought poetry was for me, but now I think it is”


“What a great way to think”


I enjoyed the inclusivity of the event. Unheard makes sure everyone is included, they are always striving to improve their practice and this really shows in the work they do. I think Unheard is the most welcoming, friendly and supportive night I’ve been to, I feel free to share unfinished and vulnerable work which is valuable to me both as a writer and a human.”

“It was nice to listen to lots of different types of poetry from different people and spend an evening doing something different to what I might normally do. The atmosphere was nice too… felt very friendly and supportive and unintimidating which was lovely”


“I feel so much more in touch with myself”.


“I had no idea poetry was for people like me”


“It was my first experience sharing my poetry in person and worked wonders for my confidence!”