marc wallert

Marc Wallert

Bestselling Author, Kidnapping Survivor and Expert on Resilience

why book marc?

  • Marc shares his captivating survival story of being kidnapped and held hostage for 140 days in the Philippine jungle
  • With 15 years at the helm of international companies, Marc draws on rich leadership experience to inspire teams and individuals
  • Marc’s book “Strength through Crises” is a bestseller, applying strategies from his jungle experience to everyday life and business
marc wallert


As an author and keynote speaker, Marc inspires people and teams by showing them how they can not only overcome moments of crisis and adversity, but also prosper from them.

Life has taught Marc a lot about leadership, in all sorts of contexts. He draws on 15 years experience at the helm of various international companies as well as his life-changing survival story of being kidnapped and held hostage for 140 days in the Phillipine jungle.

In keynotes and in his bestselling book “Strength through Crises”, Marc applies his successful jungle strategies to both everyday life and the world of business.

marc wallert

Recent clients include Allianz SE, AXA, Carfax Europe, IKB Bank, Linde Material Handling, OSRAM Continental, REWE, ROSSMANN, Red Hat, Swisscom and  Teleclinic.


Strength Through Crises – Developing Resilience

How to get through crises unscathed and emerge stronger than before

Jungle Strategies For Digital Transformation

How to successfully navigate VUCA as an agile Team

Strategies To Keep Your Head

The survival mindset when the going gets tough

Marc Wallert


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“In his speach, Marc Wallert manages to develop and show comprehensible analogies between his kidnapping and today’s business world. This way he quickly builds a personal connection to his audience and can give important impetus – he inspired us and made us think!“

Dr. Dirk Linzmeier, CEO OSRAM Continental

“Marc’s inspiring talk at our digital Christmas celebration gave us specific strategies on how to deal with crisis situations as a team. He was authentic, very well prepared and answered our questions with honesty and interesting additional insights.”

Frank Brueggink, Founder & Managing Director, Carfax Europe