Marga Hoek

International Figurehead on Sustainable Business and Capital, Thinkers50, Blogger for Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and Author

why book marga?

  • Marga is a globally recognised business leader, featured as a speaker at renowned events such as Thinkers 50 and international conferences
  • Marga’s trailblazing publications, including the award-winning “New Economy Business” and “The Trillion Dollar Shift”
  • Contributing to publications like The Huffington Post and global forums like G7, G20, and Cop23 Climate Change, Marga is a respected thought leader on sustainability and new business paradigms


Marga Hoek is an authoritative and inspirational speaker and author of the award-winning bestseller books The Trillion Dollar Shift (gold medal sustainability, Business book awards, 2019) and New Economy Business (business book of the year, 2015). Her books have received international appreciation for the clear vision on a sustainable economy and the new role of business and capital. She published numerous articles in magazines such as The Huffington Post, Executive Finance and is a global voice for G20, G7 Climate Change and Cop23. Hoek is a partner of Chairman Mentors International, a global company that enables CEO’s to benefit from the experience of seasoned Chairman around the world and thus knows about leadership and businesses around the globe.

Her newest book The Trillion Dollar Shift, launched during the World Economic Forum Annual Conference in Davos, is the first and only business book on the Global Goals, addressing how business and capital can make positive use of these goals, while strengthening their company and business proposition.

Hoek thus is a unique speaker able to take all society’s challenges at hand sketching concrete path to business’ and capital’s success.

Hoek has a strong track record as a business leader herself. She has been CEO of multiple private and public companies and has been CEO and Chairman of the Dutch Sustainable Business Association. She is always connected to business practice via multiple non executive roles for business and capital and regular boardroom sessions.

Keynotes by Marga Hoek are inspirational, impressive and action provoking. She speaks for boards, management teams, company off sites as well as any other business meetings. She adapts all talks to the specific audience. Previous clients include Mazars, DSM, Climate-KIC, Asahi and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.


Sustainable Business, Business for Good

How to unlock sustainable business’ growth opportunities and create a positive impact on the world.

ESG Investment, Finance for Good

How investment can help create a better world, with equal and even better returns and growth perspectives.

Purpose Driven Leadership

How companies and leaders can put purpose first, seize upcoming business opportunities while successfully attracting and retaining employees, clients and other stakeholders.

Circle Economy

How to seize the enormous business opportunities of circle economy, unlocking new markets and creating new business models.

Diversity and Inclusion

How to create and develop a truly inclusive company and company culture.

Next Generations

How to attract and retain next generations into the workforce, as clients and investors, building on their, completely different, characteristics.

Technology, Tech For Good

How to use fourth industrial revolutions’ technologies is a way that is better for the world and business at the same time.

Moonshot Thinking

How to create, and implement moonshot thinking, starting with the global challenges and only then connects with companies’ abilities and technologies.

Reinventing Strategy

How to reinvent and even repurpose strategy, in a way that matches today’s rapid and unexpected changes, the need for sustainable progress and digital disruptions.

All Of The Above In A Tailor Made Keynote!

Marga Hoek


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.

Sustainability and Disruption

Sustainable products and brands already outperform non sustainable ones, and this trend will only continue to accelerate as new generations start to make up the majority of markets as well as employees. Business will be disrupted so radical change is a must.

In this masterclass, Marga Hoek takes you through the challenges and many opportunities presented by sustainable business and investment. She shows how to anticipate and identify opportunities relevant to your sector, and draws on powerful real-life examples to demonstrate how to make the most of them.