Michelle Darmody, Dr.

Sustainability Consultant, Entrepreneur, Academic & Award-Winning Writer

why book michelle?

  • Leading expert in sustainability education bringing insights on how we can do things differently and have better outcomes for future generations
  • A thought-provoking voice in the area of sustainability and the global food system who brings fresh thinking and tangible solutions
  • Actively inspires organisations to achieve Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) goals through staff ideation workshops and motivational talks, showcasing her expertise in sustainability


Dr. Michelle Darmody’s work brings together sustainability, food entrepreneurship and creativity. She is currently putting the finishing touches to her second book and is completing a PhD, focused on environmental education. Her research projects have won RETHINK Ireland Social Innovation funding, and she was named an Ashoka Changemaker.

Michelle’s writing for The Irish Examiner won her the Irish Food Writers award for writing on sustainability in Irish food.

Over the past few years Michelle has been using her expertise to inspire and motivate organisations to meet their Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) goals through staff ideation workshops and motivational talks. Michelle founded internationally acclaimed bakeries The Cake Café and Slice and established Our Table, a social enterprise supporting people living in direct provision.

Michelle’s extensive knowledge of the sustainability and the food landscape also stems from the creation of large-scale events tackling climate change, such as Eat the Streets, for Dublin City Council and Summer Rising, for IMMA.

Michelle is not only a regular commentator for Irish media, but her work has also featured in international publications, such as Vogue, Condé Nast Travel and Leisure, and Time Magazine. She has judged MasterChef and been featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and the Food Network in the US.


A Female Voice in Food Entrepreneurship

Having set up her business in her 30s and quickly building acclaim and awards Michelle is in an ideal position to offer inspiration and support for those planning the same journey. She became a leading female voice on the Irish food scene, both in media and sustainable food policy. Michelle grew her business into a successful catering enterprise and expanded to a second premisses before pivoting careers to focus on research and writing.

Pivoting Career While Building on What You Have Already Achieved

This talk will offer insights into what it means to take the plunge and change career, and how to drown out the sceptical voice in your head then take decisive action. Even when you desire change it is good to sit and look at all the experience you have garnered, you do not want to it to go to waste but to build on it. In this session you will learn why it is important to do your research, to get out there into the industry you want to join, and to build a team around you who can advise and help you on your new journey.

The Importance of Food Security and Innovative Ways to Achieve It

In a world where the global population is growing every day and where almost a billion people earn less than a $2.15 a day, food security is a pressing and urgent issue. We need sustainable food development which respects and responds to local conditions as well as public health and nutrition needs. We need bold thinking and political will to become a food secure island, one that acknowledges cultural heritage, diverse ways of cultivation as well as the importance of biodiversity. We can do this by looking at countries who have developed exciting and integrated approaches to food production and positive land and water use.

Helping to Tackle Climate Issues Head-On, Using a Positive Mind-Set

We need to tackle climate change and all that it entails, but if it feels overwhelming it will become insurmountable. When the story is only doom and gloom and we find it difficult to relate to. We need to reframe the narrative and to look to examples of how good ideas have created real change around the world, circular solutions that see waste as abundance, or cutting-edge technologies that are rapidly replacing reliance on fossil fuels. Innovation will help us shape a more sustainable, resilient and transparent future.

Exploring the Future of Food and How We Can Make More Sustainable & Sustained Choices Within Business, and In Our Own Homes

In this session Michelle presents an exploration of what we will eat in the future. The growing world population is being driven by advances in healthcare, higher levels of prosperity, and longer life expectancy. This growth comes with challenges which stretch the earth’s productive capacity. We can find innovative solutions which work towards creating lasting food security, and these efforts must be sustainable – economically, environmentally and socially. You will learn the background to our modern food system and see evidence-based projects from around the world which are making lasting change, and how these can relate to our everyday.

How Your Organisation Can Get Serious About Food Waste

Food waste is a global problem with very real economic, social and environmental impacts. In this session you will learn what the root causes of food waste are and where most of the waste is being generated. During the talk we will look at leading international examples of good practice and see how these relate in an Irish context, before we can start to think of changes on the ground?

Michelle Darmody, Dr.


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.

Food Waste

How can the food waste generated in your business be reduced or repurposed? Research shows that staff are attracted to businesses which are taking a proactive step towards tackling climate change. This has created a growing demand within the business sector for practical assistance to support staff learning and engagement on topics such as food waste. By creating bespoke masterclass for your organisation, it enhances employee engagement and creates team building opportunities. Addressing food waste allows a business to better meet their Environmental Social and Governance goals while improving the ‘triple bottom line’.

The Future of Food

Food is something everyone in your business interacts with every day. It is also one of the highest drivers of carbon emissions worldwide. There are many questions to explore on the topic of the future of food and the food system.

How do we sustainable feed the worlds growing population? What strategies will help to shape an equitable food system? How do we feed a population that suddenly swells in a harsh environment, such as a refugee camp? How do we become a locally minded country with food security to the fore? What innovative food growing practices can we develop?

A future food masterclass will tackle questions like these and aims to instil in the audience an energy and desire to create change in their own food environment.


“Michelle Darmody has become a commanding presence in the Irish food world. She is restaurateur, entrepreneur, food writer, organiser, iconoclast, author, social media adept. If she isn’t writing a piece for The Irish Examiner, she is opening a new restaurant. She has been at the centre of Dublin’s creative food culture ever since the great Cake Café opened in 2006 but, in recent times, her profile as a Major Player has become unmissable. Best of all, she brings the wit of the art student to the business of food, so every detail adds richness. Would someone please give her a gig in the Government.”

John McKenna Bridgestone

“Michelle Darmody, one of many inspiring women in Ireland today driving our country’s dynamic food scene towards a better future through supporting the local economy and a total investment of passion.”

Image Magazine

“Thanks to Michelle Darmody Food and Biodiversity are now on the education menu.”

The Irish Examiner