Nick Webb

Nick Webb

Building Future Ready Organisations

why book nick?

  • As CEO of LeaderLogic, Nick guides top brands in building innovative and future-ready enterprises
  • With over 40 patents, including one of the first wearable technologies, Nick has a proven track record as a pioneering technologist
  • With insights from his forthcoming book “The Innovation Mandate,” Nick offers actionable strategies for navigating future market trends
Nick Webb


Nick Webb is a number one best-selling author and is one of the most popular Innovation, Healthcare, Future-trends, and Customer Experience Speakers in the world. Nick is the CEO of LeaderLogic, LLC a Management Consulting Firm that provides consulting services and training to the top brands in the world. Nick works shoulder-to-shoulder with boards of directors of multibillion-dollar companies to assist them in building future-ready organisations.

As a technologist, Nick has been awarded over 40 Patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office for a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including one of the world’s smallest medical implants and one of the first wearable technologies.

Nick’s best-selling books include, What Customers Crave, The Innovation Mandate, What Customers Hate, Happy Work,Lucid Leadership and his number one bestselling book, The Healthcare Mandate. Nick has been awarded one of the Top 30 Business Experts for eight years in a row.

Nick has served as a Chief Innovation Officer and an Adjunct Professor at a top medical school. Nick was awarded his Doctorate of Humane Letters (hon.) for his contributions in healthcare.

Additionally, Nick is also the Producer and Host of the Award-winning Documentary Film, “The Healthcare Cure”. The film won the Sedona International Film Festival’s “Audience Choice Award”, Most Impactful Film.


Let’s face it – “innovation” has become a buzzword. Everyone loves it and a lot of people talk about it, but very few know how to leverage it for success. Nick will bring to your group his decades of real-world business experience and show them, in a way that’s engaging and entertaining, how every member of your team can become an innovator and contribute to your bottom line.


Nick Webb will bring to your group his extensive real-world knowledge of healthcare innovation, including his experience as an inventor of one of the world’s smallest medical implants. In recognition of his contributions to healthcare innovation and policy, Nick was awarded the Doctorate of Humane Letters (hon.) from Western University of Health Sciences. Your team will love him – and you’ll soon see the difference in their performance!

Nick Webb

Customer Experience

With Nick Webb, you’ll have on your team the acclaimed author of “What Customers Crave,” his best-selling book that redefines the customer relationship. His deep, first-hand knowledge will make a difference that you’ll see in your team’s performance and your bottom line!

Future Trends

Nick Webb has studied the past, knows the present, and speaks with authority about the future. As he reveals in his forthcoming book, “The Innovation Mandate” (HarperCollins Leadership, 2019), Nick sees a bright future for those who take advantage of currents in the marketplace rather than fighting them. If you want your team to face the future armed with actionable information, Nick Webb will deliver!


As CEO of Leader Logic and recipient of the Top Global Business Guru award for 2017, 2018, and 2019, Nick Webb understands the challenges of leadership, knows the real-world application of innovation, and speaks to the audience from the perspective of having worked in the trenches. He’s helped thousands of leaders from around the world to rise to the top – and he’ll do the same for you!


Beyond 2024: The Future of Everything

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, every organisation across industries, from healthcare to retail to business industries, is being profoundly impacted by chaotic innovation. To secure future success, it is crucial for organisational leaders to understand and navigate the roadmap of chaotic innovation enabling them to become future-ready organisations.

Embracing “the blur of chaotic change” is paramount for managing the new complexities that lie ahead. The good news is that by unravelling the DNA of the future, organisations can harness their superpowers to drive sustainable growth, foster innovation, and achieve strategic success.

In this powerful, upbeat, and engaging keynote presentation, Nick Webb goes beyond conventional thinking to deliver novel and actionable insights that resonate with every audience member. Nick deciphers the complexities of the future and transforms them into practical and valuable insights that your audience will enthusiastically embrace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Harnessing the Real Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Navigating the transformative power of AI and discovering actionable steps to capitalise on its potential.
  • Rapidly Gaining Better Insights for Exceptional Strategies and Innovations – Unleashing strategies to rapidly gather valuable insights, enabling organisations to create exceptional strategies and drive innovation.
  • Leveraging Emerging Technologies in a Time of Hyper-Competition – Exploring how organisations can leverage emerging technologies to thrive amidst intense competition and establish a competitive edge.
  • The Massive Impact of Human Experience Design – Understanding the pivotal role of human experience design in attracting and retaining the best customers and employees, leading to sustained success.
  • Three Action Strategies for 2024 and Beyond – Discovering the actionable strategies that the world’s best organisations are leveraging to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape.

Innovation is Out… Chaotic Innovation is In!

In a time of massive change, organisations need to go beyond disruptive innovation and enter into the realm of Chaotic Innovation. By understanding the anatomy of Chaotic Innovation, your organisation can enjoy significant new opportunities to drive growth and enterprise excellence.

Learn the latest research on how the best organisations are leveraging new methods that go far beyond the outdated concept of innovation.

Takeaways include:

  • Becoming the “Keeper of Chaos”
  • Out-Inventing the Competition
  • Leveraging the Superpower of Innovation Agility
  • Leading Your Market in Scalable Revenue Growth
  • Getting Far Better Customer and Market Insights
  • Leveraging Chaos to Find Incredible New Opportunities

The Power of Knowing What Your Customers Love and Hate

Deep research shows that there is a new way to attract and keep the best customers in order to drive explosive revenue growth. In this powerful presentation, you will get actionable insights on how to understand and act upon what your customers hate and what they love. What you know about customer experience from just last year, is now completely obsolete.

Takeaways include:

  • Always Being the Customer’s Best Choice
  • The Anatomy of Lovers and Haters
  • Getting Far Better Customer Insights
  • Rapidly Increasing Revenue through CX Innovation
  • Understanding the Five Touch Points
  • The Four Quadrants of Revenue and What to Do About Them
  • The Power of Knowing What Your Customers Love and Hate

Leadership: Building a Culture of Happiness

We are living in a time of Chaotic Innovation that has changed virtually everything about how organisations drive sustainable growth. This includes the way in which we attract and keep mission critical talent. The best organisations in the world have implemented Happiness Strategies that are having an amazing impact on organisational growth and sustainability.

Takeaways include:

  • How to Attract and Keep Mission Critical Talent
  • Drive Sustainable and Predictable Enterprise Growth
  • Significantly Improve Employee Productivity and Presentism
  • Increase Returns on Strategy by Over 60%
  • Build a Formal Happiness as a Strategy (HaaS) Plan
  • Enjoy Transformative Leadership Impact

The Impact of Chaotic Innovation in Healthcare

Healthcare has transitioned from Disruptive Innovation to a state of Chaotic Innovation. The overwhelming majority of organizations have not positioned themselves to thrive in the environment of Chaotic Innovation. In his powerful keynote, Nick Webb provides a roadmap for the future of healthcare.

Takeaways include:

  • Mastering Technological Transformation in Healthcare
  • Leveraging New Economic and Value Models
  • Why Every Organization Needs to Drive a Culture of Happiness
  • Delivering on the Promise of Patient Happiness
  • Building Future-Ready Enterprise Strategies

Nick Webb


“Amazing Keynote, I want to say so much but not even sure where to start. You are incredible, thank you for giving us all so many huge takeaways.”

Michelle B., VP of Client Solutions

“Great Keynote! Thanks for the thoughtfulness, inspiration and FUN you put into it!”

Rob E., Chief Revenue Officer

“You were phenomenal Nicholas Webb! You left everyone at the edge of their seats!”

Cybill G., Chief Marketing Officer

“Nicholas was very well received and great to work with!”

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