Nigel Paine

Author, Teacher and Change-Focused Leader

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  • Nigel played a pivotal role in leading the BBC’s Learning and Development operation, introducing innovative programs, an award-winning intranet, and knowledge-sharing networks
  • Nigel left the BBC in 2006 to establish his own company, focusing on building great workplaces by promoting creativity, innovation, values-based leadership, and learning
  • He authored “The Learning Challenge” and “Building Leadership Development Programmes That Work,” demonstrating his expertise in technology, innovation, change, and leadership development


Nigel focuses on the use of learning technologies, organisational development, leadership and creativity with a spotlight on maximising human potential, innovation and performance in the workplace. Nigel is a strategic thinker, able to motivate, lead and drive organisations forward to deliver business and training objectives.

He was appointed in April 2002 to head up the BBC’s Learning and Development operation. Under his leadership, the team developed a brand-new on-boarding experience, a comprehensive leadership development programme for over 6,000 staff, an award-winning intranet, and state of the art informal learning and knowledge sharing networks.

He left the BBC in September 2006 to start his own company that is focused on building great workplaces by promoting creativity, innovation, values based-leadership and learning and the link between them.

He speaks regularly at conferences around the world, and teaches on a doctoral programme at the University of Pennsylvania and for Chicago Booth Business School. His first book for Kogan Page is called, The Learning Challenge: Dealing with Technology, Innovation and Change in Learning and Development. It was published in September 2014. His new book, for the same publisher, on Building Leadership Development Programmes That Work was published in November 2016. He is currently working on a new book re-examining learning organisations and learning culture. He recently co-authored an eBook introduction to Neuroscience for Learning.

He has a Professorship from Napier University in Edinburgh, and is a Fellow of the CIPD, LPI, the RSA and a Masie Learning Fellow in the USA. He presents a monthly TV programme (Learning Now TV), shares a weekly podcast (with Martin Couzins) called From Scratch, and regularly writes articles for magazines and journals about development, technology and leadership.


Importance of a Learning Culture

Lifelong Learning

Engagement and Productivity in Organisations

Personal Success and Personal Leadership

Nigel Paine


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“Working with Nigel and has caused a seismic shift in our appreciation of the purpose and value of L&D. Because of his work, we have elevated Learning to a key strategic capability when it comes to outpacing change. He has introduced us, quite probably, to the most important learning insights and methodologies of our time; those that have the power to transform the way we do things.”


“Deep understanding of both the technology that supports modern media communications and the role that it plays in supporting new ways of learning.”

BBC Colleague