Orlaith Carmody

Orlaith Carmody

Leadership Consultant and Author of “Perform As Leader”

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  • A former RTÉ broadcast journalist, Orlaith transitioned into entrepreneurship. She is the Managing Director of Mediatraining.ie, specialising in communications training and leadership development
  • Known for her broadcast command and business understanding, Orlaith serves as an MC and conference chair for events, bringing warmth, insight, and control to various conferences and symposiums
  • Author of the best-selling book “Perform As A Leader” she and is an active commentator on radio and television, covering topics such as business, women’s participation, entrepreneurship, education, and parenting
Orlaith Carmody


As a well known communications expert in Ireland and overseas, Orlaith’s day job is working with leaders in the world’s top companies delivering executive training programmes, and preparing leadership teams for frontline communications. As a keynote speaker she has addressed Ireland’s most influential business people, networks and political groups, and has also presented at conferences in the USA, UAE, Canada and throughout Europe. 

Following a career as a broadcast journalist with RTÉ, Orlaith became a serial entrepreneur, and is the Managing Director of Mediatraining.ie, which specialises in communications training and leadership development. She is a director of a number of SMEs in media, recruitment and education, and she served on the board of RTÉ from 2010 to 2015.

When you need your MC or conference Chair to combine the broadcaster’s command of the microphone with a deep understanding of business, Orlaith Carmody is the perfect choice.  A broadcaster turned entrepreneur, Orlaith is a highly skilled facilitator who connects warmly with your audience, and brings insight and smooth control to every event.

Orlaith is the author of the best selling Perform As A Leader, and the Managing Director of Mediatraining.ie, which specializes in communications training and leadership development. She is an active commentator on radio and television, on subjects such as doing business today, women’s participation at board level and in public life, entrepreneurship, education and parenting.

Orlaith Carmody

A small selection of conferences Orlaith has chaired include:

Bord Bia Brexit Briefing, 2016
IMPACT Symposium on Higher Education, 2016
TEDXDrogheda 2016
Pendulum Summit, 2015
ICSB World Entrepreneurship Conference, 2015
Meath and Kildare Enterprise Board Conferences 2014

A small selection of keynotes delivered by Orlaith include:

  • Irish Charities Institute Launch 2016
  • Women for Election Inspire Programme, 2016
  • EO Global Leadership Conference Bangkok, 2016
  • AIB International Women’s’ Day Event, 2016
  • TEDxDCU 2015 and TEDxTallaght 2014
  • SME Assembly, Naples, 2014

Orlaith continues as a director of a number of SMEs in media, recruitment and education, and she served on the Board of RTE from 2010 to 2015.  She is a founder member of the Irish Chapter of EO, the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, and was president 2014/15


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Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Orlaith Carmody


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.




“Thanks Orlaith for speaking in the Big Debate at the 2014 SME Assembly in Naples, and congratulations on carrying the audience with you in such a convincing way. The response from all the delegates was overwhelming, not just the President of Italy!” 

Joanna Drake, Director and Deputy EU SME Envoy, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission


“An inspiring and captivating talk, Orlaith’s passionate delivery really resonated with our audience. Her message, her energy and her humanity were palpable in the auditorium.” 

Patricia Fitzgerald TEDx Licencee and Organiser

“Orlaith’s professional expertise as a communications authority was crystal clear as she gracefully connected the talks and drew in the audience. The afternoon was a complete success thanks to her.”

Susan G Duffy, Ph.D. Executive Director, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Babson College, Boston, MA.


“At the Pendulum Summit 2015, as the afternoon MC, she charmed the 2,000 attendees with her warmth and style – not least the keynote, Deepak Chopra. We were absolutely delighted with Orlaith’s contribution on the day”.

Frankie Sheahan, Founder and Event Director, Pendulum Summit