Padraig Hyland

Enabling Leaders to Inspire 

why book padraig?

  • As the Founder of the Core Story, Padraig pioneers transformative change by helping organisations craft and communicate authentic stories that resonate with stakeholders
  • Padraig seamlessly blends his extensive business career with stand-up comedy, creating a uniquely engaging and entertaining speaking style
  • Featured on BBC and TV3, and TEDx, Padraig’s coaching expertise has reached diverse audience


Padraig is a truly unique speaker combining both his extensive business career with his stand-up comedian experience.

Padraig is a Tedx Speaker, has featured on BBC, TV3 as a coach. He has written and presented 22 episodes of the Ninja Leadership Academy for Meet The boss TV. He has also written and performed stand-up comedy shows for the Edinburgh Festival based on a coaching theme. He has delivered keynotes at international conferences and facilitated conferences all over the world.

Padraig is Founder of the Core Story, a company that work with organisations around transformational change. The Core Story focus on change, 360-style, taking their clients on an innovative process, enabling them to tell their authentic story in a way that connects with the hearts and minds of all stakeholders.

The Core Story help leaders reimagine their business in the context of new change drivers such as ESG, Sustainability, and the Pace of Change.

Padraig and the team have
developed innovative and unique frameworks and tools that have evolved alongside our global clients including Takeda, Janssen, Heineken, Davy, DHL and Bank of Ireland. These have been successfully applied in various scenarios, empowering organisations from all corners of the business world to thrive in a fast changing world.


Inspirational Leadership

Combining his experience in senior leadership positions with global organisations and his experience as a professional Stand-Up comedian, Padraig integrates the best of business practice and great performers to create leaders that inspire.

Accelerate Change

To accelerate change you need to engage people in a way that they want the change and will take ownership of it. See how a combination of an authentic narrative and a new engagement model create this change ownership?

Bring Strategy Alive for Everybody in the Everyday

By using an innovative story framework, you can create a strategy story that everyone can identify with and has the clarity to enable execution at every level of the organisation.

Other topics include:

  • Re imagining business – What’s behind the great resignation, quiet quitting, ESG and many other trends in business (exploring the multi stakeholder value proposition)
  • What is the purpose of purpose? Find your authentic purpose to create a sustainable business.
  • Finding the heart and soul of your organisation an why it matters
  • Storytelling in Business – Why storytelling is the No 1 new leadership skill or How storytelling can change your business performance
  • Strategy Engagement – What business can learn from the performing arts
  • Transformational Change in large organisations – The secret to getting everyone onboard

Padraig Hyland


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.

Inspirational Leadership

  • Understand an audience and what they are looking for when a leader speaks.
  • Uncover your authentic voice and how you impact others when you speak.
  • Understand what are the unique aspects of my personal presence that impact others.


“I worked with Padraig for the Global E-commerce Summit. He is a very kind and professional chairman with the right dose of humour. He puts a lot of effort in preparing the job, including phone calls with the speakers, and talks on site. He is reliable, helpful, easy going, funny and professional.”

Marieke Verdonk, Content Director, Global e-Commerce Summit


“We had a fantastic session/Circle with Padraig on Storytelling. Good fun, great info and good insights in a very pleasant atmosphere.”

Sotiris Chatzidakis, Executive Vice President, CEO Clubs International, Romania


“I engaged Padraig to run a team building exercise at our annual kick-off event and have since worked with him in his capacity as an executive coach. Padraig possesses real business insight, gets quickly to the issues, provides thought provoking input and engages in a humorous and challenging style. His value add to the business and to me personally has been enormous and I would recommend Padraig without question.”

Stephen Read, CEO, Darwin

“Padraig’s coaching, and his insight regarding best methods for an impactful presentation, candid feedback and authentic engagement, were essential elements that, I believe, enhanced and added value, not only for the presentation but also to my leadership portfolio.”  

Richard Gannotta, President, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, USA


“Working with Padraig Hyland gave me the confidence to deliver my speech in a way that was fun, that was simple and that communicated to the audience.”

Liam Ryan, CEO GetHealth


“The biggest thing that I got from Padraig is he made me believe that I could do it. And without that, I think I don’t even know if I would have done it and then just so many little techniques that if I hadn’t had them I wouldn’t have been as fluid as animated and working with the content as well.”

Tara Wood, Founder of Wild Fitness