Rachel Gotto

Transformational Hypnotherapist, Mindset Coach & Personal Mentor

why book rachel?

  • Rachel’s exceptional journey involves triumph over monumental challenges, from overcoming a brain injury to building a thriving hypnotherapy business after a 25-year work gap
  • Through her personal experience of rewiring her brain after a brain injury, Rachel shares insights into the brain’s natural capacity for healing and rewiring
  • Building a successful hypnotherapy business, Rachel defied expectations after being told she might not live more than two years, showcasing the transformative power of the mind


Rachel’s story is rooted in a lived experience so challenging it’s difficult to imagine she could have emerged this whole. Having overcome some of the most monumental experiences a human can possibly face, she brings with her a sense of joy at being alive that is wholly palpable. Her belief is that we are all a product of our past, that we are formed by our environment, and that we all have more choice than we already imagine. She speaks of an innate core of strength held deep within each of us that is already there waiting to be tapped into.

Through her own powerful lived experience of rewiring her brain to overcome an acquired brain injury, Rachel discovered that to truly thrive in life we must first learn how to take advantage of the brain’s natural capacity to become rewired and healed.

“What we think about and what we visualise creates our living reality, and learning the secrets to the rules of the mind is key to taking charge of one’s own life” – how to attain and sustain this – is a hot topic and for many it can be a bit like a mirage. Just when you think it’s coming into focus, it moves out of reach – to remain a tantalising prospect on yet another distant horizon.

But what if we could create a thoroughly successful life! And what if we could thrive again? With all the difficulties and challenges we face on a daily basis, is that even remotely possible?

Rachel’s life today tells us it’s entirely possible, not just for herself, but every person. She demonstrates the power of human potential by inviting the audience into her own lived experience of triumphing over horrific traumas and together, they all emerge again with a renewed belief that anything is possible, no matter how difficult the task.

Creating a hugely successful Hypnotherapy business following a 25 year gap in the workplace is one of her greatest achievements, given there was a time when she was not expected to live more than 2 years. Today, Rachel is committed to giving back through her work as a therapist and awakens in others a belief in one’s own innate strengths. She contends that true personal and professional success is available to each of us, no matter what. And the key to achieving this lies directly in harnessing the phenomenal power of one’s own mind, just as she has done. Rachel’s presentations are direct evidence of neuroplasticity in action!

The take-homes from her workshops are easy to implement: The strategies and tools she delivers are derived from 2 sources, her clinical experience of working with over 500 clients and from her on the ground survival techniques that she had to develop to transform a life of devastating trauma, loss, paralysis and prescription drug dependency into a thriving high achiever.
“It’s all in the mind”, she says, “let me show you the way”.


Learning to Trust One’s Own Judgement

Listening to one’s own intuition in the decision making process.

What To Do When It All Looks Hopeless

Finding ways to regroup and develop new focus when all seems lost.

Living Again After Loss

Returning to the workplace after a loss can be a very isolating and difficult experience. Understanding the importance of having a post bereavement support culture in the workplace is vital.

The Choices We Make

Becoming conscious about our decision making process.

Harnessing the Power of the Mind to Create True Success

Sharing from her work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and her own powerful lived experience, Rachel communicates how harnessing the phenomenal power of our minds is the key to true personal and professional success.

Vulnerability as a Superpower

Vulnerability is often misunderstood to be a weakness but utilised correctly, it can be used to develop amazingly powerful communication styles.

Emotional Self Care is a Necessity and not a Luxury

Putting ourselves first allows us to be more creative, more productive and be a more successful leader.

Rachel Gotto




“Rachel was the first speaker in our Women in Leadership Empowerment Series and she was amazing! What a wonderful way to start our new year. Rachel joined us virtually from Ireland to speak to an audience of men and women spread across the US and Ireland. We received only positive feedback from all participants. We are so fortunate that Rachel could share her wisdom, grace and positivity with our Chamber! ”

Alanna Barry McCloskey, IABC

“Rachel spoke at our global online conference #Win20Global and the audience were blown away by her talk. In fact, it was the second most voted for talk of the day and everyone watched her talk until the end. Twitter lit up with tweets about her talk and there was a huge engagement from Rachel also which is always lovely. I highly recommend Rachel. Professional, graceful and classy to boot. Looking forward to watching her star rise.”

Samantha Kelly CEO Women’s Inspire Network

“I worked with Rachel on the IGNITE programme and she was the ultimate professional from start to finish. She delivered her workshop on Establishing Rapport with such excellence and spoke passionately and knowledgeably about the subject. I received excellent feedback from the workshop with emphasis on her speaking ability and how she was clear and concise in her points she made. I would not hesitate in recommending working with Rachel and look forward to working with her again soon.”

Sorcha Finucane CEO Trainedin