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Ray Goggins

Chief Instructor on RTÉ’s ‘Ultimate Hell Week”, Former Special Forces Operator & Bestselling Author

why book ray?

  • Ray Goggins, a former Special Forces Operator, brings his expertise from combat zones to his speaking engagements
  • Known as the Chief Instructor on RTE’s “Ultimate Hell Week,” Ray showcases his leadership and resilience on screen
  • Ray leverages his 30 years of experience to lead workshops on High Performance, Leadership, and Resilience for sports teams and businesses
Ray Goggins Black and white profile photo


Ray Goggins is a former Special Forces Operator and bestselling author – but you may know him as the Chief Instructor on RTE’s hit show, Ultimate Hell Week.

Ray’s military background has given him vast experience in working in combat zones globally, becoming a specialist in Hostage Rescue, Maritime Counter Terrorism, Combat Diving and Intelligence Operations. Over the past 30 years, Ray had been building and leading teams as Special Forces Trainer and Physical Training Instructor across several geographies, providing him with unique skills and insights into dealing with real high pressure environments.

Since leaving the Special Forces he has used this vast experience and knowledge to work with sports teams, businesses and corporations, facilitating more hands-on workshops in the areas of High Performance, Leadership, Resilience and Team Building. When working with people, Ray wants to give them skills and tools that they can take forward and apply to both their professional and personal lives. Helping them to build a bulletproof mindset and become the very best version of themselves.

Ray Goggins Black and white profile photo


High Performance

Working with groups in order to make them more productive and focused, giving them the skills to manage how they perceive daily changes and deal with them effectively.

Team Building

Working with teams to establish a foundation to join them together, building trust. The goal is to create a culture of inclusion, progression and honesty.

Leadership Development

Working with leaders and giving them the skills which will unite, inspire and empower a group of people to excel and achieve their goals.


Giving people the skills to help better cope with pressure, adversity and anxiety in their business and personal lives. Making them more effective, successful but also happier.

Ray Goggins


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.

An example of exercises that Ray could do with the group can be found below

  • Kims Game
    • Involves the team memorising random objects for one minute and then being able to give back as much info as possible, later after several other events. Tests organisational skill, retention and attention to detail. This is a static event.
  • Towers of Hanoi
    • Involving a team all holding a strap to move as one. They have to move a small pyramid in sections to a final location. Involves planning, decision making and collaboration from the full team
  • Grid Game
    • Team challenge to construct a perfect grid in a time limit. Involves interaction, management, sticking to a plan and controlling the outcome

The Uncharted Journey

For Ray’s workshops, he is in a position to build these into 

  • 2 hour
  • Half day or
  • Full day workshops

Team building would be the most popular themed workshop Ray would be asked to create for companies.

These workshops would be a mix of both a keynote talk from ray and interactive team building exercises. Ray will first speak of his own journey and apply his experience in building and leading teams over the past 30 years. 

This will then move into team building exercises where he will look for the teams to practise these skills and build trust by coming together and engaging in simple team tasks and exercises . This will help the group build a good foundation for them to use going forward.




“Ray joined to wrap up a leadership off site. We wanted a session to inspire and motivate our leaders, to reiterate the key messages on leadership and to wrap up the day in an engaging way – Ray did this brilliantly. His preparation was evident as he was able to weave the key messages throughout his presentation. His session was engaging and enjoyable – he held our leaders’ attention and had them laughing throughout.”

Rachel McCarthy, Associate Director HR, Gilead Sciences

“Veterans@SAP were honoured to host Ray as a speaker for our International Mental Health Day initiative. Carmen Krueger (COO North America) and Ray engaged in a really inspiring and thought provoking discussion, and the audience really benefited from his insights and experiences. During the Q&A session, Ray really tackled all of the questions head-on, giving considered and deep responses to everything that he was asked. Once again, thanks to Ray for joining us on the day!”

Brian McLaughlin, Partner Experience Manager, SAP

“We were very happy with the presentation and discussion from Ray. He was enjoyable to listen to and it was great to get the benefit of his experience. It is always great to hear these messages from a different speaker and perspective.  Ray did a great  job of looking up a little about what we do and I am sure the chat we had beforehand did help Ray with the direction of his talk and the benefit for the audience – so it was great we did so and that Ray was able to take this on board. There was some good feedback about getting him involved and as is usual in these circumstances, when people were making points later on they often referred back to examples that Ray used.”

Richard Day, Partner, PWC